Shinsekai Yori episode 11: Friend X

Yet another restart. At first, I believed the village were using some pretty extreme but acceptable methods to maintain their peaceful society, but now I start to understand more and more how fucked up their policies are. Not only did they erase Shun from everyone’s memory, which is fine considering what happened to him, but they actually replaced him – both in person and memory – by someone else. It is already really rude to have everyone’s head messed with this much, but you know what is even worse? Ryou !


That guy must have had friends, memories, a history, something that defined him. The boy was completely altered to resemble Shun a bit more and now his life is over in so many ways. He was changed to become a stand-in, but he failed to do so and he was now rejected by his “friends”. What is going to happen to that boy? He has lost who he is and even his fake self is lost now. Why would they even “kill” kids who have nothing to do with this? Why are they willing to sacrifice so much for those 4. Satoru, Maria, Saki and Mamoru, those 4 should have been killed long ago, instead memories after memories they were brainwashed and reinstated in their community. Why would they even go so far as to sacrifice other kids and keep those 4 alive?

Last episode I said I disliked Saki and the show characters in general, but I think I will have to go against what I said back then, because Saki and Satoru really shined this episode. I still hate Maria though, that bitch is a weak hearted slut and she can die in a fire at any time I won’t even care. I really love the deep connection and endurance that Saki is showing, I believe I disliked her last episode because of how clingy and desperate she looked, but now this desperation really look more like love and determination. I don’t know if I had bad judgement last week, or if Saki really matured as a character in between episodes, but I could relate to her much more this time around. Even after losing her memory she was intelligent enough to understand something wrong was going on. She was able to set the missing link and realize where the story wasn’t holding together. I used to hate her for her stupidity, but now that Shun is gone she looks pretty bright compared to the others.

Why is the dog not as ugly as in episode 9?

I have a feeling that Mamoru and Maria will cause a lot of problem in the near future. Satoru is strong, both in character and Cantus; he did fight off an entire army all by himself after all, but Maria is a coward and I can already sense that she will run away crying causing problem for both Satoru and Saki.

Now they have to face the Ethics committee, and I have a feeling that something real is about to begin soon. We had our last dose of intense yuri and now we are ready to go into some deeper, more interesting stories. Now Oba-chan will need Saki for some special mission and I wonder if it will be a trap or something exciting and relevant, it’s difficult to tell at this point.


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