Shinsekai Yori episode 12: Storytime with Obachan


While some people might like action episodes much more, I find myself absolutely drawn in by the good stories and story-telling episodes of Shinsekai Yori. I’d much rather learn more about the universe and how their society operates than see queerats fight each other to the death.

falling down

We have learned a quantity of really interesting things this episode. Suddenly, Shun’s death makes a lot more sense and became an even sadder event. It is one thing to have evil children kill everyone, but it is a whole different tragic issue when a child sees everyone around them die and transform for the worse because of their own subconscious. It really does seem that only the kindest and most gifted of individuals becomes karma demons.  This suddenly makes it even more cruel to me, that only the best people are affected by such a horrible “disease”. They are all kind and powerful and therefore Shun was not the only one who chose death when the time came when he realized how dangerous he was. What a tragedy.


Meanwhile, I found it quite ironic that this episode featured a kid murdering everyone in his classrooms, this right after the massacre in Connecticut. I think it just increased the impact of the scene for me, and it helped me think of the way their society solved the issue. The problem here is that there is a mass murderer and no one can stop him. There are many ways one could solve the issue: you could make it so something is able to stop the murderer; you can prevent the creation of new murderers; or you can commit mass murders to prevent mass murders to happen (lolwut?). Look, at this point just have super cats to kill fiends: yes the fiends might kill ~30 peoples, but they said it themselves, it took 80 years for a fiend to show up, and 100 people died because of it. To kill 20 people each year to prevent something like that to happen is absolutely ridiculous. I’m sure they kill more people to prevent more killing than what the killing would actually do.

dead cow level

Sometimes tragedies are inevitable. If your society is so peace-loving and weak that they cannot handle reality and they need to be kept in a complete shroud of mystery for their entire life, there is a problem with your society. I understand why some people love the idea of a utopian love society of science and progress, but sorry to break it to you, we are human and the world doesn’t work this way. Fights and survival of the fittest are basic laws in life and so is change. Everything changes, everything competes, and everything eventually dies. You cannot stop this from happening, so you might as well build your utopia around those facts and try not to fight the system.

sad killer

To return to the episode at hand, I’m not surprised at all that Mamoru is a useless weakling that will cause  the downfall of society. I might be exaggerating a bit here, but when you cultivate the weak you end up with people too weak to live and Mamoru is one of them. I would not even be surprised if he turned into a fiend because of how traumatized he is right now. It would be quite hilarious I think to see this lovely little boy turn into a monster, don’t you think so?

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