Shinsekai Yori episode 13: Mamoru, just die please

mamoru is a trash

What a boring episode… It sure doesn’t help that I hate Mamoru and that I wish him to die from the claws of a kittycat, but none the less, it seems that nothing happened this episode. The episode begins and we are looking for Mamoru; it ends when they find him and we learn that he was chased by a cat. Good lord, what a great episode. Please, next episode, let me see Mamoru go to sleep and the episode could end when he wakes up again, because that would totally be entertaining.


I just hope next episode everyone leaves Mamoru alone in the middle of nowhere, and then Maria will open her big annoying mouth and tell someone where Mamoru is, and they will send a cat to kill him right there in his little hut…that’s if the cold doesn’t get him first, mouhahahaha. I hate weaklings, especially weaklings with no value what so ever. Cuteness is not something worth living if it is your only selling point. Mamoru is useless and he is now a threat; why keep the weakest link in the chain if it is about to break anyway? Make the chain shorter and get rid of that link.

maria and saki

I really don’t have much to say about this episode. It was not absolutely boring, I mean I was quite excited at first that Mamoru could have died falling off a cliff or simply was killed by a queerat, but unfortunately he is alive and well and therefore this episode ended up disappointing me. Why did something have to save his life back at the school? Who had the bright idea to set the cat on fire? Just leave that kid to die, it is for the best, I don’t know who saved him but I will find him and see what’s his deal.

cliff hanger

Right after Mamoru finally dies, Maria could get a bullet through her shallow head and it couldn’t possibly make me happier. That girl is just as annoying as Mamoru. She might be able to fly, but if you get rid of the flying part, the only thing left she’s able to do is cry and complain and be a bitch. I only want Satoru and Saki to survive, meanwhile Shun can continue to be dead and omnipresent in the minds of all his friends.

Overall, the episode sucks so I just want this part of the arc to be over as soon as possible.

ZeroGhj signing off

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