Shinsekai Yori episode 14: Crazy Principal

old lesbian

What an incredible episode this was, I’m glad we were able to see even deeper into their society and to learn how the education committee works. As I said in my previous review of last episode, I cannot wait to see Maria and Mamoru die, but unfortunately we’ll have to wait a bit more for that to happen. We had our episode of knowledge today, next week will be one of action I am pretty certain of it. There are 3 things that stunned me this episode, the first one is the education committee  the second one is Tomiko and the third one is how amazing Saki is becoming.

board education

Let’s start with our Education committee, that gang of schizophrenic sociopath who loves killing children more than teaching them anything useful. I somehow have trouble to get why the people in charge of educating the children are the same who kills them. Especially after I saw them at the meeting it became even more difficult to understand how those people were chosen to administer something as important as that. While the president looked to have a head on her shoulder, the vice principal was completely nuts; she made me think of the old lesbian feminist of the 70’s.

crazy cat lady

I’m not really surprised to see so many cat in an old lady’s house

Next thing on the list, Tomiko. That women just keeps on surprising me. Not only is she amazingly wise and does she knows so much, she is freaking 267 years old! Look, when she said she had time, I figured she must have been like 90 years old but well-preserved, but 267? That’s simply amazing. She is able to stop (or at least slow) the aging of her cells and therefore she could be immortal if her technique was perfect. While all of this stuff is awesome, it begs to have a question asked…if she is never to die, why does she bother to find someone to replace her? Another question I have is: how did she looked so old if she can stop her own aging? Did she do so on purpose because she wanted to get older a bit? Did she simply doesn’t perfectly master her technique and therefore she is still slowly aging after all? Another thing too is that Satoru is supposedly related to her, but they said that she was a grand mother, for some reason I highly doubt that her generation are apart by a 150 years each.


Finally last point…Saki is amazing. I know I said before that she was useless and she didn’t seem all that powerful or anything, but if she can manage to become immortal, she is sold in my heart. The power of time is one which might be even more valuable than any others, experience makes us strong and with Saki’s already strong character, she would be able to live such a long and important life, the more I think about it, the more I think Tomiko really made a wise choice in choosing her to become the next leader of the village.

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