Shinsekai Yori episode 15: the Queerats shall rule the world !

samurai rat army


This episode sure was intense. I was kind of eager to see Maria and Mamoru die, but now I’m more interested in the Queerat society and where they are heading to. Last time we had a look at the Queerats, they were living in underground tunnels and waging wars with spears and bows. Now, they are in concrete buildings, have made a democratic system and they have performed lobotomy to their queen. I know that many years have passed since last time, but their progress is still far beyond what any other society can hope to see as a change. If things keep up like this they might very well have tanks in the next five years, planes in 10 and nuclear weaponry in 20. I don’t care how awesome you are with your fancy magic , try to hold every atom of a nuclear weapon into place, I believe it might be more difficult than they would expect. The Queerats could potentially become powerful enough to pose a threat to the humans.

diplomatic discution

Meanwhile, Squealer is such a smart and evil little rat. He managed to use Saki and Satoru to his advantage to gain additional power over the other colonies. He uses them to lead an army and overtake other colonies; it is not the first time he did so and I am pretty sure it won’t be the last. That one rat might manage to conquer most of the “Queerat world” if Saki and Satoru never realize how stupid they are at making the world a more unbalanced place. With enough power, Squealer definitively has the mind it takes to make something powerful and evil out of it.


After all, the guy did make it so the Queens are now zombies. They are nothing like what they used to be; yes, they were cruel and they hated their children left and right, but hey, they were in a constant state of irrational surge of emotion because they were always giving birth. I’m pretty sure my mother would have eaten me if she was to give birth to kids every minute too. At least now the Queerats are advanced enough to have surgical intervention I guess, the Queen has become a symbol more than anything else, she is now just a machine who spews out offsprings. I’m kind of curious though how new Queens appear and how the colony will replace the old Queen. After all, in the state she is in right now, I would not be surprised if she died earlier than anticipated. I guess those rats will figure it out before then.

zomby queen

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, there was lot of content, we discovered so much and it was quite entertaining. I’m just a little skeptical of Squealer. I have trouble trusting him for anything; I just feel like he is constantly about to backstab Saki and Satoru and feed them to his zombified Queen. Maybe in the near future we will see just how and when Squealer will do so.

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