Shinsekai Yori episode 16: Death to Fugitive Maria


Finally even Saki now realize that Maria has to die ! Alright she only realizes it subconsciously while the remnant of Shun talks to her in her nightmares, but hey, at least she is heading somewhere. I always said that Maria was a pain in the ass and that she should die, I am so glad that Saki finally realize the same thing I did ages ago. She had her lesbian fun with her, now is time she get her sadistic and cruel fun with her…mouhahahaha.

saki maria child

Absolute cruelty aside, Maria and Momoru have run away, far far away. They are now a threat to the whole community, but Maria sure was right on one account; Their community is twisted, when children are grown up to become part in a machine instead of new individual, a society will begin to lack progress, lack ingenuity. Because every kid who would be different are discarded, there is a lack of diversities in their community and any good scientist would tell you that a lack of diversities is bad and species with a lack of diversities are usually the one to go instinct. It doesn’t matter if you have super power and if you can fly, the reign of human is sure to be over if they continue their self-genocide.

Also Acid Trip

Also Acid Trip

Even if what’s left of mankind doesn’t kill itself soon, it seems that the Queerat are ready to give them a hand in doing so. It is now absolutely clear that they are preparing something, there is no way with the way they act that they have any other intention than to rule the world. Even if they don’t have supernatural power and that their technology is slightly behind, they don’t have any death feedback to hold them back. With the preview of the next episode alone anyone can tell that they are going to take an even bigger part in the future and that they might very well be the key element in Shinsekai Yori, that one thing that will make everything go wrong…if Maria isn’t already that one thing.

shun satoru

There is one last thing I absolutely have to talk about this episode, was that some weird one time Opening we had at the beginning?! I was so surprised that I wasn’t sure if it was some one time opening or if the show suddenly turned into a musical. It was obvious a song  to go with the dramatic childhood memories, but it had everything to feel like an opening. I also really liked the song and since the animation was there to further the story it was simply an amazing “opening” sequence. Still I doubt we’ll see it any time again, it really was a one time thing more than anything else.

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