Shinsekai Yori episode 17: Queerat Total War

shinsekai yori bad ass Kiroumaru

So much stuff have been happening at once in this show it is simply incredible. First of all Saku and Satoru are now 26 and they are really in the midst of their most beautiful years. Both of them are especially pretty and even as a straight man I can tell you that Satoru gives me a boner. We have no clue what kind of silly quarrel happened between them, but it is really sad to think that the last two member of their group have been separated in the last few years. After all Satoru and Saki are the last character out of the 6 original member of their ground, it would be nice to see them get together and fight together to save their village.

shinsekai yori old satoru

Right now would be an extremely good moment to get their strength together to fight too, since it seems some kind of huge conspiracy is going on amidst the Queerats. Yakomaru (Squealer) is now the leader of one of the biggest colony of Queerats and that guy is so crooked that you can tell only by the way he looks that he is up to no good. His forces fights with guns and he has adopted democracy has the center of his nations political arrangement. Now in only a matter of one episode he declared war to the other biggest colony and he even managed to wipe out that colony’s army. The way he plays that game is beyond what anyone else could believe. From the look of things he might be sneaky enough to become a threat to even the humans.

shinsekai yori squealer

While Yakomaru is definitively an asshole, the only time we saw Kiroumaru he was such a badass with no fear and he seemed wise and calm in nature.  Now we had a completely different view of that beast this episode. He had trouble to keep his cool while he was listening to Yakomaru (for good reasons too) and he was known to use drugs before each battle to increase his sense of duty and to make him immune to fear. He came back from the battlefield covered in blood and with a happy grin on his face. I was completely oblivious to this side of him, I was never expecting that we would be given such a view of the realities between the two major colonies. We now don’t have any idea who to trust and it seems that even bigger troubles are on the way.

shinsekai yori grin

Kiroumaru’s army was annihilated, maybe Kiroumaru died himself, who knows, the only thing that seems clear is that some human are responsible for it, and this doesn’t bode well. If Yakomaru has human working in his favor, he has the knowledge and evil intention to do a lot of trouble for everyone. That little rat might be ugly has hell, but it sure has a lot of ambition and now, he even has the power to make those ambitions reality.

gunpowered rat

I cannot wait to see what kind of surprised we will have next episode, I certainly wasn’t expecting any of this awesomeness this episode and I am pleasantly surprised. We also have a new ending theme, which isn’t half bad and I might very well start loving it soon too, I’m looking forward to that too.

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