Shinsekai Yori episode 18: Shinsekai Yori uses confusion; it’s super effective!

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Well, it really isn’t no surprise to learn that the Queerats rebelled against the Gods to take control of their lives. We knew that rebellion was coming a few episodes back…but boy, did I ever expect it to happen so suddenly. Just last episode, there was still negotiation between Gods and Queerats, and already this episode the Queerats have attempted their coup. I am more confused than ever with this show.


First thing that confuses me: are Maria and Mamoru really still alive? I know that Yakomaru said he would place fake bones to make it as if they died, but you cannot trust that Queerat. If the community made analyses that revealed that the bones were really those of Maria and Mamoru, then it must be true. I highly doubt that Yakomaru is able to make bones that convincing that even after lab analyses they would be determined to think those were Maria’s and Mamoru’s. Meanwhile, Saki saw 3 of her “dead” friends the night of the summer festival, of course this doesn’t mean much, but it still adds to my belief that they might already be dead. Having said that, someone with cantus may very well have been responsible for the massacre of the Giant Hornets. We also know from the second episode that Maria is responsible for a whole lot of shit in the future, and therefore she might very well still be alive.

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Second thing that confuses me: why would the Queerats sign their death sentence with that attack? Why did they think that they were powerful enough to overcome Gods? Where they just too self-confident, or was this attack just part of a bigger, more sinister plan? Yakomaru is a complete asshole, but he’s also a mastermind. I doubt he’d do something as stupid as this unless he planned on winning somehow. Then again, maybe he overestimated the power of the Gods; it is hard to guess that some people have 4 irises in their eyes and that they can control the winds. I honestly never thought that the strongest person out there was able to do so much at the same time and with such precision. He managed to create a shield around the citizens, kill the Queerats, repel the poison gas to kill even more Queerats and then proceed to take an explosion inside the palm of his hand and redirect it wherever he pleased. What a badass.

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The third and final thing that confuses me with this episode is that somehow, there are still 7 more episodes to go. I have no idea how they are going to do this. It is incredible that the show has become so intense, and I have no clue how it could get any better from now on. It just seems like we are reaching a conclusion, but then again we still have so long to go until the end. There are still so many plot points to be closed and so many mysteries yet to be uncovered…I don’t ever want this show to end !

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