Shinsekai Yori episode 19: Fiend Demon


Alright we already knew that someone with Cantus was responsible for everything that happened with the Queerat, I was expecting Cantus to be at work for Yakomaru to think he had a chance to defeat the humans, but I never expected that the one who was using Cantus was actually a fiend demon. It is one thing for the Queerats to have a cantus user on their sides, it is a whole other thing to let them have a Fiend Demon.

fiend demon

Yet something is extremely fishing here still, Fiend Demon are supposed to be uncontrollable psychopath who run around killing everything. Now why the hell did that fiend demon doesn’t attack the Queerats and only focuses on the humans? How did the Queerat managed to control a human to the point where a God would work for them? I have a few possible theories. Maybe Maria has been hold prisoner by the queerats and therefore Mamoru has been asked to eliminate everyone in the village to save her, and Mamoru would be stupid enough to do so instead of going for the Queerats themselves. Another possibility is that the false minoshiro that the Queerat found had knowledge about the death feedback procedure in the human. We know for a fact that the Queerats had been experiencing with brainwashing and brain surgery already, so it wouldn’t be that far fetched to learn that they managed to “turn off” the death feedback in someone. With this, either Maria or Mamoru could have easily been mentally altered to become the vengeful beast that we saw this episode.

ambush queerat

Now it seems that everything is up to Satoru and Saki to save the day. They are the only one still alive that are aware of the presence of a fiend demon, they are the only one who have the courage to fight to stop it and they know the only person left alive who fought against one. I have no clue how they can hope to successfully defeat the undefeatable, but if they could gather enough information on who is the fiend demon and what he’s after, they might very well manage to find a way to appease him and bring him down this way. After all a few hundred of years ago the way that the fiend demon was vanquished was when he calmed down enough to try and trust someone.

freaked out

The Queerats were already a deadly enough threat, they didn’t need the help of a fiend demon to make matters even worse. Now the community has no chance what so ever and it is exactly as Satoru said, Yakomaru would not fight a war he didn’t know he can’t win. He’s a cunning little bugger and it seems like this time, he might very well call check mate on the human and gain control on the whole world. The time of the Queerat is now !

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