Shinsekai Yori episode 2 : that sport looks awesome

So little and so much is happening in this show, I just wonder how much time is left until everything explodes and the truth is finally completely revealed to the children. It has only been two episodes, and there are already so many signs that everything will go wrong. It is only a question of days before hell unleashes on those kids. From what we have seen so far, it seems that most kids will end up dead before any of them graduate.

We already know from looking 500 years into the future how that society will become such a messed up place. If I were crowned emperor of anything, I’d want to celebrate in eccentricity too, but this is just so messed up. The first 100 people to stop clapping will die as a sacrifice? You don’t even know you the hell you are killing, you are simply killing people randomly. You could be getting rid of the most beautiful lady in the world or the brightest genius. For all you know, you could be killing off your spouse or family members. I have no idea how their society and social structures came to be, but there is something profoundly wrong with it.

The way things work right now are not any better. We have children who think they are attending regular school, but every week it seems that more and more children vanish, and no one seems to care or even notice. They read dark, messed up stories about the past, about “bad” people who sacrifice themselves for the good of others, but the truth seems to be completely different. Their society, or community rather, is imposing some severe law and regulation of people allowed to live. Not only are the laws so severe that it implies the death of I don’t know how many children, but the rules are even more messed up since it seems that some are never told. When your laws are so taboo that you don’t even know about them, it is kind of messed up to lose your life over it.

What surprises me and intrigues me the most here, is that not a single kid seems to remember all their friends who went missing. Is it that all the kids are assholes and never really cared for their friends? Or is there something or someone manipulating their memories and their perception? Just how far into lies does this society delve?

He was by far the worst judge ever

The last important thing to me in this episode were the rats; at first, I believed this show would be in a more regular setting. I could believe in the magic that developed in humanity, I could believe in someone making an illusionary cat to kidnap kids, but those things were gross and messed up. I don’t even know why those wizards would need rats to do their labour. They are freaking mages, they don’t need to have someone do manual labor for them, since they can do it instantly with their minds!

I hope that we will see all the lies vanish soon enough from the sight of the children. I really want to see their faces when they learn the truth, but what I want to see even more, is my reaction when faced with all the messed up things that are going on over there.

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