Shinsekai Yori episode 21: Raised by Queerats

queerat slave

Holy shit this show, this show is heading towards directions I would have never believed possible. The show started with little kids going 10 feet away from home into the land of the Queerats and now we are talking about a nation of Queerats conquering the whole wide world. Just a few minutes ago, there were only a handful of villages in the entire world and now suddenly we are met with some force strong enough to completely annihilate power from the human kind. We are talking about people with super powers here, not just any kind of humans. I have no idea how the rest of the world is doing if everyone has adopted the death feedback like this village, but now Japan is absolutely doomed.


In the end it was right to think that Maria and Mamoru died. They were indeed killed by the Queerats; the bones were right and Saki actually did the right thing. Yet I never, ever imagined we would see a child arrive from the wilderness. I never expected that Maria and Mamoru had the time to have a kid in the brief period of time that they were away. I never even expected that child to be this grown up already. I was really surprised to find out that in just 10 years some kid could grow up to be such a killer. Maria must have been pregnant the very moment she left alone with Mamoru for this to happen this way. I hated Maria, hated Mamoru even more, but now I am left with only their child to profoundly hate.

maria mamoru

The great Squealer has become more than a leader; he is a prophet now, a divine icon. The Queerats are sacrificing themselves for the cause because they know they can win this war. The same way the humans used to have Queerats to do their dirty jobs, now the Queerats are using the humans as military power; what an unpredictable turn of events.

empty nursery

It was easy to see from the very beginning that Yakomaru was an evil genius and that he was plotting something, but it took over 20 years to see the extent of his greedy and cunning nature. At this point even the strongest of the village was killed and there is no one who can fight a 10-year-old child. Everyone in the village is dead…even their hope. Their children were all abducted, too.


I have a feeling that next episode Satoru and Saki will do the only thing they can still do to save the world: they will have to run away and get ready to build an army and start a war of their own. From the very beginning of this story they are the ones who allowed Squealer to survive to begin with, they are the one who enabled him to become this strong and now they are the ones who should amend for their mistakes and create a new world.

Shinsekai Yori–Into the New World– isn’t the one we saw…It is the new world the Queerats are creating, or maybe the one that Saki and Satoru will create?

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