Shinsekai Yori episode 23: Shun reappears


She finally made it; Saki remembered the past that was stolen from her, the love of her life and the person who showed her how beautiful the world was. Shun climbed up from the bottom of her heart to reintegrate Saki’s memory and revive her hopes and dreams. I can’t say how excited I am that Shun makes an appearance in the show again, he is by far the brightest and most awesome character in Shinsekai Yori. I can’t  say that Satoru and Saki aren’t absolutely awesome either, they are just as great, but Shun was the one who united the two of them to begin with.

shun reapear

I must admit that the more this show approaches its end, the more confused I feel about everything. Now it turns out that maybe Kiroumaru isn’t such a helpful Queerat as he seems to be. It is getting pretty obvious that he is plotting something and that he was somewhat hoping that everyone gets killed, but why in hell would he betray them now? I must admit that I never suspected something like that to happen. I must also admit that I never thought this show would be like this from the moment I started watching it. I never expected so much, never expected something that awesome to happen out of this show. Betrayal from the right, betrayal from the left, it just seems that there is no end to the hell that Saki has to live through. She sure had an interesting life, that’s for sure.


Now to the episode itself: I was expecting for the last survivor of the exospecies squad to die in this episode, but I never expected it would be in such a cruel and swift manner. At first I was confused; I thought that the guy never really died and he was just missing in action, but after I saw Saki’s reaction it was pretty obvious that in but a moment that man lost his life in such a gruesome and unexpected way. Somehow anime and television in general had prepared me to have him die in an epic struggle, but instead he simply vanished and it just goes to show how dark Shinsekai Yori really is. People die without you even realizing it; their world is just that crazy.

death by wurm

Now that Saki obtained the biological weapon able to destroy the whole world I must admit that I am confused what will happen next. Shun hinted at the fact that Maria and Mamoru’s child is not a fiend, Kiroumaru is plotting something and the whole world is an impossible hell where they are. I can usually pretty much guess what would happen in a show, but now there is simply so many possibilities and so many backstabbing happening that I could as well be watching an episode of Game of Thrones.


Next week we could possibly see that Kiroumaru is plotting with Yakomaru from the beginning, we could also learn that Yakomaru was actually trying to help them while Kiroumaru was the evil one from the beginning, or maybe some meteor will crash on them and kill everyone. At this point, just about every scenario is a legitimate possibility and this is what makes this show so interesting to me. I figure that watching this show a second time after it is over will be eye-opening and a completely different experience, and that means that in my heart Shinsekai Yori is a masterpiece.

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