Shinsekai Yori episode 24: Just say it Saki

kiroumaru n saki

Only one more episode before we reach the end and this show is simply giving its all to make his cliffhanger as annoying as possible. It will be the final confrontation, where Saki, Satoru and Kiroumaru will be all together to try and defeat the threat that is Maria’s child. Kiroumaru revealed that he went to Tokyo once before to try and obtain the weapon for himself and defeat the humans, but it seems that now he is definitively on their side, since they are his best hope for survival.

warface kiroumaru

I must admit that I am seriously surprised that Kiroumaru has yet to betray Satoru and Saki, I was seriously hoping that he would make a move by then. I was hoping that he would betray them even. The show is so eventful and full of deception could conceive to see just about any kind of turn of event at this point. Yet after what we saw this episode it is doubtful that Kiroumaru is about to switch sides. It seems that the show just pitched in a whole lot of effort to make us believe that something like that was about to happen, just to mislead us into foreshadowing the wrong events. If it really was the case, and this is all just a way to mess with our heads, then it was successful, because I was convinced that we would see Kiroumaru change side this episode.

killed queerats

On another note, I was not surprised at all to learn that Maria’s child wasn’t in fact a fiend but instead he was simply mislead into thinking he was a Queerat, therefore allowing it to kill member of a different species. I can perfectly understand that the Queerats don’t have any mirrors (they are so ugly that I wouldn’t want to see myself either), but I’m pretty sure they still have water…and the reflection that they cause too. Even if Maria’s child was never able to perfectly see himself, he must have noticed that he isn’t a Queerat by now. Now even if somehow he just believe he is a funny looking Queerat (which there are a lot of after all) this means that it is pretty easy to guess what will be Saki’s next move to defeat it. If Maria’s child thinks he is a Queerat, then the death feedback will trigger if it tries to attack a fellow Queerat. This means that Kiroumaru simply has to attack the fiend and it could defeat it no matter what. Either Kiroumaru will kill it outright, or the Fiend will kill Kiroumaru and die in the process. Either way would lead to a victory for the human and it wouldn’t even require their sacrifice.

weapon of mass destruction

At this point this sounds like the best option for them, they have already lost the super virulent poison (which I believe to be a good thing) and they are in a complete stalemate with Yakomaru. It is great time that they make that Queerat squeal once again.

ZeroGhj signing off.

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