Shinsekai Yori episode 25 [Final]: Humanity Stinks

squealer endless suffering

I finished watching the episode about 20 minutes ago, and I’m still shocked and in a daze. I was expecting some epic ending out of this show, but I never expected this much. Where should I even start? Let’s try to go in chronological order.

fiend angry

First of all, I knew that Maria’s demonic child would die in such a fashion. It was easy to predict that Kiroumaru would be the trap laid for her, although the death of the “fiend” isn’t what impressed me the most in that scene. What I found profoundly touching and unexpected was Yakomaru’s reaction to the death of his Messiah. I always thought of Yakomaru as a coward who used others for his lust of power, yet in that scene he didn’t hide; he just gave up. He didn’t run away, instead he simply faced reality and faced defeat, and he wasn’t the selfish bastard I thought him to be.


We later learn that he also wasn’t as evil as we believed him to be. He was human, so were the Queerats, and he was trying to protect his life and the lives of his people. Squealer might have been a liar, he might have been a threat to the Cantus user, but he was in no way evil. He was a genius; a great general that was able to rally the Queerats under his cause He was trying the impossible to save his people from the constant threat of Cantus users. In the end, by the time of the tribunal it was obvious that while the humans were the winners of the war, they were also those with the most evil plans to begin with. They are a society that don’t know a thing about themselves; they hide their past, they hide their current society ways from their people and they oppress themselves and everyone around them. Yet they think and describe themselves as a peaceful society of scientists. It is interesting to realize the irony of such a system so late into the show. I mean it isn’t like we never knew that their society worked in weird and oppressing ways, but never did I expect it to go that far.

evil judge

It is even worse to realize that throughout the entire show the Queerats were human. When Kiroumaru said that his people never give up and never stop, it kind of foreshadowed this discovery a bit. We are used to hear about humans doing the same thing in those circumstances. We fight when we are threatened, we live in big societies and we are greedy by nature, we won’t accept that our lives can end at any moment and instead we try to control every system and gain enough power to assure our survival and reign over everything else.  The Queerats were not as strange and distant as we though them to be; in reality, they were our long lost brethren. How drastic was it for me to have my perception of  the Queerats changed so quickly.

squaler tribunal

Now it seems that while the war has ended, nothing even changed a little bit. Saki is now the new head of the Ethics committee and the village has lost most of its population; everyone died. If we forget about those little changes, the Queerats are still around, the society is still in the dark about everything that goes on in the village, the tainted cats are still in use and in the end, we are pretty much back to square one. It is really sad to realize that from the very beginning everything that happened was because Saki and her friends were allowed to live; if it were not for that, nothing would have happened to the village. It justifies the oppressive methods of the village and makes you wonder if maybe it is the only way for a society like that to prosper  when everyone has the power to destroy everything around them.

kiroumaru death

On a completely different note, baby tainted cats are so cute! I want one at home, then when it will grow up I can send it to eat the neighbour’s child; it sounds awesome. It is also ironic that Saki and Satoru are the ones to breed them when they had such bad and eventful problems with tainted cats in their childhood.

tainted cat

I can’t believe this show is over. It was the best show of this winter season, especially compared to the other shit that aired. This last episode was so good and revealing that the show gained a bunch more respect from me for this episode alone. Everything seems to be wrapped up perfectly, and while there are still some mysteries in the vast and strange universe of Shinsekai Yori, it seems that just every big matters have been settled and it really felt like a conclusion fit for this epic show.

ZeroGhj signing off

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