Shinsekai Yori episode 3: holographic library

Those kids are just heading off to a cute, basic excursion and they somehow end up finding some secret super advanced holographic memory from the past. I don’t even know for sure who exactly would have built this library, but since it seems to have an internal storage and it works with bytes, I would assume that it is from 1000 years ago (before everything happened).

We already know from the beginning of this episode that some sort of revolution happened 570 years after date D (I refer to date D as 1000 years before the event of this show). It seems that some people without canti defeated the prophets. What impact does it make and what does that imply? We have no idea, and no way of figuring out for now. What we do know is that a lot of things are censored and hidden for the children.

The kids found some old temple lost in the middle of a forest and they found some kind of old autonomous library nearby. To be honest their secret wasn’t really well protected if some kids can just walk up to it and have no problem whatsoever accessing it. I hope the adults who set up that community don’t have any children, otherwise I think the house will be lit on fire and the kids will run around with butchering knives in their hands. Maybe if the idiots who have set up the community would be more careful about hiding their secret, they wouldn’t have to kill so many kids that find out the truth by mistake. I just feel like there is a huge problem in a society where most of the future citizens are killed before they even had a chance to contribute.

The world of Shinsekai Yori is really weird and mysterious to me. It seems that most animals have mutated, or “evolved” as they referred to in the show. If I was to bet, I would say that none of those animals evolved from anything, and that instead they were purposely created at some point in time. Humanity just has this way of always trying to play God. If you give some crazy biologist the ability to control matter around him freely, you can bet that one of them will manage to create some crazy new species. The only thing that contradicts my theory is that if someone really had the power to create animals, you can be sure that their world would be filled with unicorns, not giant rats.

Overall this episode was quite eventful, but it finished in such a disappointing cliffhanger. We are so close to have the truth revealed and we still somehow have to wait another week to learn everything about it. It is so frustrating; I’ll have to go back at my experiments to create a unicorn with my mind while I wait for the next episode.


Mad Scientist ZeroGhj signing off

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