Shinsekai Yori episode 4: Truth Revealed

So many things…just so many things happened this episode. I don’t even know where to start. We finally have the past revealed to the children, we also now know that they are genetically modified and that they are just one out of 4 group on the island of japan.

I knew that this show would become awesome, I knew that this episode the truth would be revealed, but I never expected it to be this good. We just received more knowledge than I was ready to be told, I think that the children believes the same thing. I was expecting for the children to learn most of the things we already assumed, and maybe just a little more. Now they have received so much knowledge that even I hold my head in disbelief. They are genetically modified to have a death feedback? Their society is actually one of the most peaceful of the four? They are not the descendant of a sadistic and cruel empire of slave, but instead of pacific scientist who wished to preserved all knowledge. How did things went so wrong that the scientist who wished to preserved knowledge are now destroying ancient library and they are hiding the truth from the younger generation? How could they change their stance and objective so quickly over time, they went from a scientific group to something closer to a sect.

The child didn’t even had time to learn everything they wanted to know that they got caught. I’m kind of surprised someone found them so deep in the wood and I must admit that I am even more surprised that the guy didn’t kill them all on the spot. Having said that, this raises a question, if everyone is born with this death feedback thing, how do they kill the kids who disobey? How do they manage to get rid of those children if no one of them is able to kill another human being without dying themselves? I have a feeling that something really wrong is going on here.

Now let’s back away from the library itself and look at what is going on in term of action right now. The kids are taken into custody by some ninja authority and they are now headed into some really troublesome woods. I never expected this show to turn into a battle between human and giant rats (that looks a lot like Kobolt to me). Not only that, it seems that those illusive blowdog actually exist if we consider the preview for next episode, I have a feeling that some kind of war is coming to Shinsekai Yori, the show is going to be much more and much better than I originally anticipated. I don’t know where things will be headed from here own, but I have a feeling that the children will be on their own from next episode and onward. There will be no way back for them anymore, they have past the point of no return.

ZeroGhj signing off

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