Shinsekai Yori episode 6: Rat on LSD

What the hell was wrong with the LSD trip at the beginning of the episode? Even after seeing it I am still confused, not by its purpose, but by the reason it happened. It permitted Saki to give Satoru his power back, which was quite episode for this episode. The remaining question really is, why did that happen? I know that there was poison gas involved and that they are trapped underground with limited amount of oxygen, but it just seems like some kind of explanation is missing here. You can’t just have your characters trippin’ balls out of nowhere without any explanation after. I just hope that Saki won’t become a serious drug addict from now on.

On a more serious note, I really don’t like the general pace the show is taking. I believe that it is important to explain what is going on and not to simply throw everything at once at once without any time for us to understand the characters or the universe. Of course I don’t like slow-paced shows either, but there is an in-between to be had here. This episode it just felt like the action was put into emphasis too much, the characters had little to no breathing room once again. We did learn a bit more about Satoru and we could clearly see how is personality has drastically changed since the incident, but we have little to no reason as to what made this change happen.

We can easily guess the reason why Satoru’s personality changed, he regained his powers in such a weird way that maybe Saki messed up an important part that would have keep him more calm. It is really difficult to say what is going on in this world, but one thing is certain now, Satoru is determined to exterminate the rats and he has power to do so. I think I would spend most of my days burning stuff down if I had mantra. Even better, I think I would find a  bird, burn it down, put it back together from his ashes and continue this cycle for as long as I find it enjoying. I would call the bird Phoenix obviously.

With the way things are going I wouldn’t be surprised if Satoru doesn’t make it for much longer. He has already reached his limit and Saki is useless right now. At the same time, it would be bizarre if he died considering we still haven’t learned anything about his sudden switch of personality, if he dies it will be difficult to determined what caused it. If he does die, this might in return give Saki a reason big enough to motivate her to find the answer to Satoru’s death and it might lead her to the adventure of the story. We are a quarter of the way done with the story and I still don’t have a clue where it will be going next, I love this show.

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