Shinsekai Yori episode 7: Reunion

I’m a little surprised that the kids managed to get back to their village so quickly. After all, it seems like it has been forever since they escaped civilization. It took them only an episode to defeat the remnants of the Ground Spiders, to be rescued by the greatest nation of queerats, to find their 3 other friends and to return home. The pace of the show is still extremely rapid; I must admit I am a little surprised that it had yet to slow down. The reunion with their friends took only a mere minute and no one said anything really special then. Of course, it has only been 2 days for them, but it sure as hell feels like forever to me. A lot of information needs to be read in-between the lines, something I usually like, but I believe that it is abused a little in the show.

Never do we see Shun and Saki explain what happened in detail to the 3 others, yet we know they did at some point because of later conversations. They don’t have to actually explain everything, but at least to actually give us a 5 seconds visual to inform us would be a good start.

Anyways, now they have managed to both escape the grasp of danger and to find their friends again. I’m a little surprised how easy it was for them to meet, of course things like that are not unusual in anime by any mean, but they could have tried to explain why it happened. How did this coincidence happen, it really shouldn’t be such a hard thing to come up for, just one lame excuses. “Oh, we were just walking around the lake until we would reach the other side and there you were”, see how convenient and believable this explanation is? It also took only a few seconds to formulate. Is the show really so packed with stuff that we cannot afford an additional minute to be taken to explain something more clearly to make better connection between the events?

Anyway back to the story itself, I’m a little disturbed that Squealer didn’t try to kill them in the end. I was certain he would betray them at some point, even now that he is gone I cannot trust that little rat. He has no honour, no self-esteem and he seems like the lowest of the low. He was saved so many times by his gods and still he sold them out. I’m sure he would have repeated that process if the occasion would have arisen. I think Shun should have burned his ass before leaving, just to be safe.

We were met with Kiroumarou this episode, and while I somehow doubt he will reappear in the future, he looked really bad ass and I wish he becomes some kind of mentor for the kids. He seemed way more trustworthy than Squealer, and I actually believed in his strength and authority. I have no idea how Squealer managed to lead troops and be such a coward at the same time and I’m glad he is out of the story, but I could get another 10 episode of Kiroumarou and not get bored of him. I like him more than the kids right now. Hopefully we will meet him again in the future; my fingers are crossed.


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