Shinsekai Yori episode 8: yaoi and yuri everywhere

Two years have past, they might be only 14 years old, but those kids sure love their yaoi and yuri. I think I saw a maximum of 2 heterosexual couples in the whole school. I understand perfectly fine why, in that day and age, homosexuality and heterosexuality are two valid and just as fun options. I also understand that they are a society based on love, but why is the concentration of homosexuals so high? Is it because it is easier to get what you want from someone of the same sex? That kind of makes sense, but even so if I was bi I’d want to experiment with both sides of the fun.

Meanwhile, Shun is starting to be a little crazy somehow. I don’t know what gave it away, his evil grin, the demonic monster that hatched from his egg, the fact that he is heading into a center of rehabilitation or simply his ugly dog. Now there is so much yaoi and yuri everywhere, it is difficult to look at any scene without spotting some of it. If only Shun and Saki were together, they are meant for each other ! One is an evil genius and the other one is a retarded kind-hearted women, don’t you see how well they match together?

Even 2 years later, it seems that they were still observed and monitored, or so does Shun claim. I have a feeling that he might very well have a little hint of paranoia in his attitude. I don’t necessarily trust that guy’s judgement; I didn’t in the past, and two years later I still don’t trust him. There is something really weird and evil inside of him, and it could be really problematic if he used that part of him to make trouble.

As previously stated, we are 2 years later in the story and the pace of the show has once again changed…for the better I might add. I disliked the previous fast pace and I am quite glad that things are back to a more standard pace. Yes this change of pace came at a price…lots and lots of yuri and yaoi, but that is a price I am willing to accept.

There is one major thing I need to add about this episode, My god Shun’s dog is ugly. I want to kill it just to end its misery. Either the artist can’t draw a dog, or it was intended for the dog to be this disgusting, but either way I wish that beast a quick and painless death as quickly as possible. I seriously hope that dog has some cancer or something to explain its ugliness, I doubt he has any chance to reproduce ever, not even a drunk bitch would have a go with something that ugly.

ZeroGhj signing off

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    Now is yaoi

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