Shinsekai Yori episode 9: Bad Cat

It seems that those 5 just never get enough of their adventure; they seem to have a deep desire to die. They are aware of more than most people around them: they know how their society formed, its purpose, and they know what happens to people who learn too much. Yet even with all this, they still run after trouble every damn occasion they get. A big rope full of warnings and telling us not to go? Let’s take a look ! A forbidden place in the middle of the school with big containers which emits powerful roars? Let’s listen in to our teachers’ conversation about that! I think that it is highly unlikely than any of them will have a calm and peaceful life. Those moments of yuri and yaoi last episode were by far the last time they would be simple and happy teens growing up in a society of hippy scientists.

For the first time we had a look at one of the actual cats, and I must admit that I am fairly impressed by their size and ferociousness. I was really expecting to see a little neko to show up at some point and that would be it; I never imagined to see those T-Rex felines. I’m not sure if this works exactly as they let it suggest right now, but if the students really “disappear” because they send some huge cat to eat them, that is a little messed up. If they have to kill someone they don’t need giant cats to devour on them, they could give them a painless death instead. I understand that no one is supposed to kill and therefore they cannot themselves be the executioner, but it is still messed up that their way of killing is so cruel and morbid. I would have used something equivalent to a gas chamber instead, at least you can power up the street light with your new-found source of electricity !

The other thing really interesting this episode is that for some reason Saki finally remembered that she had an older sister at one point. I understand that a lot of mind manipulation is going on in this society, but it is kind of messed up when you even forget that you had an older sister until she mysteriously vanished when she was about 12. Maybe it is the kind of detail I would have remember over time. She managed to remember her Cantus after all, why would remembering someone you love be so much more difficult?

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