Shinsekai Yori episode 20: Under Siege

village in ruin

Build up after build up, we are now with another episode where things just go from worse to worse and  there doesn’t seem to be any end to the trouble for the town. Everyone is about to die one way or another. When a great strategist like Yakomaru is in charge of a war against a peaceful society you can only expect result like these. The human had no way of fighting, they cannot kill one of their own and while they are more powerful than anyone else, they are outnumbered dramatically and the Queerats don’t mind sacrificing their lives for this war. The Queerat probably don’t even need that fiend to fight for them, they could have probably won this war by pure strategy and overwhelming number. You can already see that they are now working at rendering their society useless by exterminating them one at a time.

auto destruction

The village already lost most of its population, their village is in ruin, they don’t have any access to water anymore and they cannot trust if people around them are friends or foe. This is a perfect siege by the Queerats and the humans are so stupid about warfare that they don’t even know how to react properly against a siege. They are so fucked.


Meanwhile, Saki was promoted to leader of the village, Tomiko gave her the position because of her own incapacity and there is one thing that I find particularly sad in that. Tomiko was supposed to teach Saki how to become immortal by she never had the chance to do so, I don’t think Saki really got around to learn that kind of stuff yet, after all she is still but a little girl (especially compared to Tomiko) and she seemed to be quite into the studies of the Queerats. Now she has the responsibility to save her people and to find a way for their community to survive, no biggy really. Tomiko really is a jerk when you think about it, she left her position at the worst possible time and put all the responsibilities and pressure onto Saki instead. Now she is responsible for the miracle needed to save them all.


This episode Satoru was blown away by the explosion of the giant suicidal squid but I believe that there is no way that the explosion was nearly enough to kill him. That guys is hard to kill and he is quite reliable, he cannot go down with a simple explosion like that. After all he is one of the main character of the show, if he is to die there will be something more dramatic surrounding his death, even Saki seemed unphased by the event and I don’t think she believes Satoru to be dead either, otherwise she would of have a much bigger reaction after she was sent flying to the ground. I expect to see him again soon.


Next episode it seems that we’ll get more information on the fiend, as expected she appears to be Maria and there seems to be something related to cantus leakage going on and I’m really curious what that might be. This show is getting more and more intense every week…it is getting insanely good, I cannot wait for next episode to come out !

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