Shinsekai Yori [First Impression] episode 1: You are a Wizard Harry

Mystery here we are. It had been a while since we were delivered an interesting supernatural mystery anime. The last one I saw was Another and it was quite the disappointment. Hopefully Shinsekai Yori will wrap things up a little better, but it is already off to a great start. We already know that something fishy is going on. There are rumors of kid disappearing, a cat taking them away. If it was not enough graves were spotted in the school and the parents were crazy scared about their kid being taken away or they were talking about all the kid they lost in the past.

Not creepy at all…

What have we got so far? We can begin with the all Psychic element of the show. I believe it is quite interesting to have character with psychic power involved from the beginning in a show that revolves around the supernatural. We already know that many things are possible in that world, sometimes It can be weird to have supernatural element appear in a show otherwise devoid of monsters. Yet here we begin with Kid slaughtering people in the street with their mind and building card castle using only their psychic power. It is already established that things might be a little different from real life.

That’s a scary looking cat

The aura of the show is already set with a creepy mix of slice of life school life and murderous intent. For some reason I have the constant impression that the kid are ready to assassinate someone every time someone turn their back to them. The kids are not even the only creepy element, what is up with the story they were asked to read in class? For some reason I have the deep belief that it is not just a fairy tale, It sounds something closer to propaganda and a real story. A village isolated from the rest of the world, no one can exit the village and they have to protect their secret of psychic power? Is this what the story will be all about? Or is there something even darker and grimmer out there to find out? I must admit that for the moment the mystery isn’t so mysterious, there are already many things we already figured out since a while ago, I simply hope that some bigger mystery will appear soon. I want to be put in the dark here, I want to have to guess what is going on, don’t tell me everything too quickly.


I guess we will see how this show goes. Mystery and Supernatural anime are really hit or miss for me, they are either a complete failure or absolutely awesome, I really hope this one will fall in the second category this time around.


ZeroG signing off

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