Shirobako episode 1 [First Impression]: A show about your daily life

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What is Shirobako supposed to be about anyway? I simply don’t understand what the point of this anime is. As far as I can tell the only thing the anime is about is the daily life of someone working their day job. There was nothing special, nothing humoristic, nothing dramatic. This was pretty much the daily life of a working individual, we saw her arrange schedule, deal with deadline and unforseen situations, she drove her car around, she slept, she ate. This is 100% the daily life of someone, I have enough of my own life and day job, I don’t need to watch an anime about the boring life of someone else. Maybe it is because I never understood slice of life anime, but I don’t see the interest in stalking someone when nothing is happening.

Shirobako main character

The show wasn’t bad looking, the animation was good, the characters were well done and everything felt in place for the most part. I was a bit confused how they were able to do drift in the city while going only 50 km/h, but other than that, everything in the show seemed quite plausible. The anime itself doesn’t have any major flaws as far as I can tell, the major problematic is definitively the lack of anything going on. Working in animation is a tough job, but there are a lot of similar field with similar crazy work schedule, I am working in one and I can tell you there is absolutely nothing interesting enough I do all day that warrants making an anime about. I was extremely bored while watching Shirobako because of the absolute lack of entertainment value in the anime. I would love to have someone enlighten me as to how someone could care about watching Shirobako, but I doubt I could understand even if they did. This show could have been titled “The Daily Life of an Office Worker” and I would have still expected for more jokes and drama to happen than what we saw here. Someone falling sick after pulling an all nighter is NOT drama, that’s daily life where I’m from.

I won’t be watching this anime, I don’t recommend it to anyone either since I cannot begin to understand why it could be enjoyable anyway.

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