Show by Rock! episode 1 [First Impression]: This was getting weird, and then it got weirder

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So… I don’t even know what to say to this first episode…. Like… What… Just Happened… I don’t even…

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First of all, it’s quite obvious that this is yet another show targeted at 10 year-old girls dreaming of playing in a band and becoming a star. The premise is an overused one, just like Pretty Cure or Aikatsu or K-On or… Any other show where high school girls form a band and happily play music with their friends. Now, the thing with Show by Rock!, however, is that it doesn’t really stop there… Or anywhere, for that matter. As every minute dragged on, I just felt more and more confused with the amount of weird shit that was going on in the episode.

show by rock cyan cgiFrom what I could figure out with these few minutes, the plot seems to revolve around some sort of virtual world where everyone is either in animal form or in some kind of weird neko-furry form, and it’s a world that revolves around music and bands… Then shit got weird. There are also monsters, evil masterminds seeking to take over the world, an eggman with a record studio and a talking guitar… No wonder Japanese children are so weird, I mean, just look at this show.

Overall, I still can’t figure out whether this episode was good or not, but from what I could make of it, it really seems as though unless you’re in that target audience (i.e. 6-10 year-old little girls) it’ll be a bit tough to really assess the quality of this anime. It does get pretty freakin’ weird in a simple matter of minutes, but the animals are cute, and overall the quality of this episode was pretty top-notch for a kid show. show by rock monsterThe 3D animation especially is really well-done, to a point where I’d be tempted to watch this only because everything looks so awesome. I know this is an unpopular opinion because people tend to hate any kind of 3D CGI in anime no matter if it’s good or not, but really… Get with the times people, there are many things that look really cool in CGI, and I think that this show is one of those things. Too bad the setting hurts my brain because it’s so confusing…

Overall, the first episode of Show by Rock! was weird as shit. I wouldn’t watch 13 episodes of this and certainly won’t be following it weekly, but I might recommend the first episode to people who want to be completely mind-fucked for 20 minutes…

P.S.: I just read up on things, and this is apparently based off of a game… Which changes nothing to my confused state.

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4 Responses to Show by Rock! episode 1 [First Impression]: This was getting weird, and then it got weirder

  1. thebeatlespkmnfan42 says:

    SB69 is aimed at older males.

    • Myst says:

      I’ll admit that I’m quite confused as to how older males might find this interesting. Mind explaining that to me? Because I honestly don’t get it. The game might be more ecchi-oriented, but the anime wasn’t like that at all, and really seemed childish to me (albeit a little weird.)

      • thebeatlespkmnfan42 says:

        Well, just to start there was the scene that implied Maple and Angelica are in a BDSM relationship. Plus there was also blood in episode 1, and in episode 2, although I don’t know if you’ve seen that one yet. SB69 is definitely silly (it is considered a comedy series), but it does have content not suitable for young kids, both the anime and game. There’s even a song in the game that’s about sex.

        I assume the reason a lot of people were confused by the first episode is that they’re unfamiliar with the game, but the anime seems to be aimed toward people already playing it. Don’t worry though, episode 2 does expain things.

        Although despite Show By Rock being aimed at males, I as a female really enjoy it, but I tend to be a sucker for all things Sanrio anyway. Sorry if I made any typos btw, I’m on mobile.

        • Myst says:

          Alright, I guess I just assumed that Japanese kid shows often involved content which seems a little bit too mature for them (from experience, a lot of kid shows in Japan have more mature content than in other North American kid shows), but I guess that wasn’t the case for this one. The show just has such a childish premise that I assumed it was for a younger audience, but I haven’t played the game so I guess it’ll be hard for me to completely understand the humour.

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