Sidonia no Kishi episode 10: Progress and Evolution

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We got some massive hive on their way toward Sidonia and this is certainly going to be a whole lot of trouble for Sidonia…and a whole lot of fun for us to watch! Sidonia no Kishi never fails to stay interesting and fresh. I feel like the more the universe expand and the more we get to learn about both the history and what happens behind the scene of Sidonia, the more interest I am in the show. I love the way the Gauna are expanded to become a more interesting enemy, really symbolizing an unknown we are unable to  communicate with or understand. I love all the secret and complexity of  the life on Sidonia, I love the characters and the complicated relationship everyone has with one another, even through multiple generations. I love it all.

Sidonia no Kishi Gauna ship

This episode we got a look at the new weapon that Sidonia has at its disposal to combat the Gauna. They now have bullets instead of simple lance, they are now able to create a weapon that is disposable and efficient. It was rather impressive how it worked with Tanikaze, he was able to shoot it from kilometers away with stellar accuracy and managed to save the emigrants. Tanikaze’s skill really showed there, the guy is worth 10 pilots all alone. Too bad that he seems overly obsessed with a human-like Gauna.

Sidonia no Kishi pretty dress

Speaking of which, It was clear that Hoshijiro’s Gauna was evolving and highly intelligent in the past, seeing as it was able to talk and react to stimuli, but now it went far beyond anything I would have expected. How did it change so quickly from a simple placenta floating around in circle, to something capable of “dressing” itself and writing the name of the one it loves. I am simply amazed by the progress it is making and, I must admit, a little scared by it too. I would be absolutely freaked out if an alien was able to become someone I love so easily, it must be such an uncanny experience. I don’t blame Tanikaze’s interest in the Gauna though, it is definitively worthy of the amazement he has for it, I’m not even part of the universe and I am just as curious and amazed as he is.

Sidonia no Kishi Gauna hit

Now, while it seems clear that the Gauna are indeed focused on the Kabizashi and are able to focus on them even in combat…it is also clear that they don’t particularly care if you have one or not to attack. The unarmed emigration ship was attacked only moments after leaving Sidonia despite having no weapon. Furthermore, it was clear that no Kabizashi existed on earth during the first attack in the first place. It is clear that while it might be one of many triggers for Gauna attack, not having one won’t prevent an attack either. In other word, those emigrants are all fucked. I doubt they will even have time to colonize the planet before they get destroyed, Sidonia won’t be able to cover their ass all the time.

Sidonia no Kishi face of horror

There was a ton more stuff happening this episode, from the Captain reminiscing about the past and wanting to change before Tanikaze start revolting against her, to the fact that a giant Gauna hive is heading toward Sidonia. I feel that we will have a great ending for Sidonia no Kishi…and I also feel we could have another season and still have plenty of material to explore, this is the kind of universe I would love to be immersed in once again in the future. Rather funny for me to say that before the season is even over, just goes to show how passionate I am growing to be about the show.

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