Sidonia no Kishi episode 11: Dwarf Planet Cruising in

Sidonia no Kishi gauna reactor

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How annoying it is to be in such a heated battle, with everyone lives at stake and Sidonia on its last stand just to be given a cliffhanger. I can’t wait to see the grand finale next week. It feels quite obvious that the entire universe of Sidonia no Kishi won’t be over, but this season will feel complete and worth the watch nonetheless. It will remain very important to see how they make their final episode though. It would be ok to finish it on an open note since by the way things are going there is possibility for future seasons, but the ending still has to wrap things up a bit, it cannot turn into too much of a cliffhanger.

Sidonia no Kishi reporting high casualty rate

This episode of Knight of Sidonia was definitively heavy in action and emotion. We have seen Sidonia in trouble in the past, but never in level of that magnitude. Now it is not a question of a Gauna entering Sidonia…it is about a Gauna dwarf planet ramming into them. In term of density and scale, the current situation is about the same as a fly splashing on a windshield, where Sidonia would be the fly of course. There would be no chance of survival for anyone on Sidonia or the ship itself. This is why I have trouble understanding why the pilots seem so concerned about their chance of survival on that mission. They must realize that it doesn’t matter either way because they will most likely all die no matter if they fight or not, at least the pilots are the only one with a chance to save the day and their own lives. In their situation I would be happy to be on the battlefield and have a little bit of control over my survival rather than sitting on Sidonia waiting to die or to saved.

Sidonia no Kishi half of them are dead by now

I must admit I am a little saddened by the quickly approaching end of the show. I really loved the universe and I would definitively take 2 – 3 more season of this. I feel there is still so much untouched potential to that universe. I won’t cry too long about it ending though since there is still one more episode to go and by the way things ended this episode…it won’t be one of flowers and happy conclusion. It is most likely that they will manage to save Sidonia to some degree, but I feel a great deal of people will lose their lives in order for them to get out of this one. Even more interesting is the fact that the super intelligent Gauna that transformed into Hoshijiro is now wrecking havok and killed nearly half the available pilot on her own. You can be sure some epic showdown is going to happen next week and I can’t wait to see it already !

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