Sidonia no Kishi episode 12 [Final]: End of a struggle

Sidonia no Kishi falcon punch

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As much as I love Sidonia no Kishi, I cannot help but feel a little disappointed with this final episode. The episode itself was really great on its own, but it didn’t feel like such a definite ending nor a cliffhanger. What I am trying to say is, this episode was just as awesome and intense as all the one before it. Usually I expect the final episode of a show to be the highest point in the season, I want it to be the best experience where everything comes together in one awesome moment, yet this episode didn’t felt any different from any of the other ones. This is why it leaves me with a weird feeling of insatisfaction. I wish the ending would have been a bit more poignant than what we were offered.

Sidonia no Kishi falcon punch

Despite my initial reaction to this finale, I cannot help but be happy of the show in general and this episode too. We had ton of action going on in a beautiful sci-fi world, with an interesting protagonist and meaningful situations. It was definitively one of the best show of Spring for me. It had mixed review from the community at first because of the 3DCG, but the story and direction for the show proved to overweight the bad side of the visuals. This episode again we got good reason why 3DCG was a great idea for the show, it helped make the fight scene more fluid and just better looking in general. After all, the primordial element in a space fight is how fast everything goes.

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Back to this episode in particular, there is one thing I had some trouble in this episode which I didn’t find to be a problem in the rest of the season. The episode was rather cheesy, between having most of the A-team survive this mission, helping each other out and pulling through at the last minute, to the way Tanikaze just strolled to Kunato’s mansion and proceed to act like a 60’s hippie on him. I understand that the guy actually doesn’t give a fuck and just want for everyone to be happy, but did he really have to go this far to fish out this loser from his mansion? Was there really any need to involve Kunato again and give him a second chance this far in his depression? Also how did Kunato actually accept the words of Tanikaze like this? This all sound so confusing to me.

I understand perfectly how Kunato was blaming himself for what happened, I understand how he was being so cynical to protect himself from the blame he puts on himself. I understand it must have meant a lot for him to have someone he wronged stating it wasn’t all his fault and he was forgiven. Having said that, I would have been pretty pissed off if the guy I hated most just showed up to my door trying to console me. No matter how bad or self-loathing I felt, I wouldn’t just accept the guy’s words and feel at peace with myself. On the contrary I would feel insulting and want to kill the guy and bring him along in my misery. Then again, I figure maybe I’m just a psychopath.

Sidonia no Kishi lifting the guilt

All in all, a good episode of Sidonia no Kishi, I simply wish it would have been a little more intense and “hard” than it was. I am still very much looking forward to the second season of the show, I cannot wait to see where the next story will lead us, there is still so much to explore after all.

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