Sidonia no Kishi episode 2: Photosynthetic humans VS Tentacle Alien

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We are beginning the story of Sidonia no Kishi and I must say I’m just extremely hyped by the science-fiction shown in the show. It is scientifically accurate, and a logical progression of humanity when it comes to pure survival instinct. There are so many little details put into the universe that makes me fall in love with the show ever more. I loved to learn how humanity was genetically modified to be able to perform photosynthesis and reduce considerably their need for nutrition. This must have been such a major breakthrough, it is rather crucial when you have a high enough population to reduce to a maximum the amount of energy each individual consumes. In the same idea, it was really nice to see them display how waste disposal was used in their suit. Sometimes people forget that astronauts in our day and age wear diapers, the future version of the system is much more elegant I must say. Yet another mention of interest was how their safety regulation needed them to always have a safety harness in case of loss of gravity, it is something that might not be obvious for us earthlings, but losing gravitational functions on a spaceship might mean drifting into the vacuum of space.

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Enough with my fangirling about the element of science-fiction, let us go into everything else that happened instead. First, we got to see our first Gauna and that alien is one scary monster. It had been a while since I last saw an alien from an anime that was actually impressive and “alien”. Most of the time I simply see big insects or men with big heads, this time for once the Gauna feels like an original monster from space. It consumes human and then assume their form, but even without form it looks like a huge vagina with tentacles coming out from everywhere around it. Then again, maybe I just have issues and it has no similarities, but we never had a clear shot of what it looked like.

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Sidonia no Kishi is definitively my favourite anime of the season so far, but that is mostly because I’m a huge sci-fi geek. The end of this episode feature mostly the school life of our heroes and it has me just ever so slightly worried. I’m always afraid that the things I love will turn bad and start disappointing me. I feel there is little to no chance that Sidonia no Kishi suddenly abandon its deep and intellectual science-fiction for a somewhat platonic relationship of space students, but you never know with anime nowadays. This great sci-fi could turn to shit really quickly if they wanted to. The main character could crash back on earth and live a hippy life with retarded characters for the rest of the show, but I guess that as already been done before.

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