Sidonia no Kishi episode 5: Stranded in Space

Sidonia no Kishi lost in space

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I am uncertain how to describe this episode in a way that will make it justice. The episode was definitively much slower than the previous episodes, but it was this way with reason. It might not have been the best example of space survival I ever saw in an anime, but it definitively was an interesting rendition. I was rather surprised at how well prepared and made the Gardes were in term of survival capabilities. Usually in sci-fi the ships barely have enough life support available for more than a day. The post-apocalyptic and survivalist mentality of humanity in Knight of Sidonia definitively influenced the high level of survival potential in every single Gardes. It seems that without major damage a soldier could survive for many month in a Gardes, if not more. Tanikaze is unusual since he cannot photosynthesize, but other humans could probably survive a huge amount of time without food. After all, humans are known to be able to survive “forever” without food as long as they can have enough water.

Sidonia no Kishi space survival

If you combine the photosynthesis with suits that can filter water, you just created some humans with a high degree of self-sustainability. I was pleasantly surprised this episode to finally see photosynthesis in action. It always bothered me a bit that they were claiming to photosynthesize but I always saw everyone wearing heavy suits which didn’t seem quite able to allow photosynthesis. Ecchi aside, it was great to see what was needed for humans to photosynthesize, how the process required for the skin to be exposed to the ray of sunlight, how it required open nudity to be able to “feed” itself.

Sidonia no Kishi photosynthesis

Between the moments of photosynthesis and the fact that the two of them were stuck together for well over 10 days, I was rather surprised that nothing sexual ever happened between the two. I understand that survival was a more pressing issue for them and how their mind might have been more focus on that aspect than anything else, but it remains odd nonetheless that they didn’t get bored enough to just fuck while stranded in space. They definitively had enough excuses to do so without it being weird. I personally wouldn’t have lasted more than 5 days.

Sidonia no Kishi Bear warrior

The space survival was a major part of this episode, but there was a bit more to this episode than that too. We finally learned who the hell the bear-lady was. It seems she is some kind of war hero forgotten by times. We still don’t know anything else about WHY she is a bear, but at least we know there might somehow be a reason for all this. You must admit it is rather awkward how there is a giant bear-lady nursing people with a claw hand. Another important discovery was learning about the existence of other earth colonial ship. Up until now I wrongly assumed that Sidonia was the last of humanity, but it seems that humanity has instead simply spread across the universe and lost sight of one another in trying to survive. This makes things much more interesting since it means that every single branching ship of humanity can have adapted in different ways and created its own culture of survival. I somehow doubt that more humans ship will come into play in the current story, but it remains a very interesting subject that might be explored in the future.

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