Sidonia no Kishi episode 6: Fame and Glory

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We don’t lack things to talk about for this episode. I feel like so many things happened all at once, I feel like there is yet so much more that happened in between the lines that I didn’t catch on to properly too. Tanikaze got back as a hero, he was graduated to a full fledged pilot, we got to learn more about the past and the actual Knight of Sidonia. Not only that, but then we had a bit of romance, followed by an envious kid and sudden failure. There was simply so many things I do not even know where to start, so I’ll just try and touch a bit on every subject one by one.

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Let’s start with the iconic return of the hero. Tanikaze came back and was, unsurprisingly, proclaimed a hero by his peers. He was the first person in generation to defeat a Gauna and he managed what the aces of Sidonia didn’t manage to do before hand. It really came to no surprise that he and his squad got promoted to Full Gardes pilot, if only for the public image, it was kind of a necessary move to make by the leader of Sidonia to calm and please the populace. It was great to see the sudden change in the attitude of his classmate too. They suddenly stopped making fun of him and started praising him and he became the coolest kid in school. This seems to properly reflect my experience with popularity in high school, where everything is bullshit and popularity is an empty feeling of recognition. Either way it was great to see the “odd” Tanikaze be part of a crowd and not standing out as the weird one but rather as a hero. This new fame and those sudden accomplishment didn’t go unnoticed though. Kunato seems excessively jealous of Tanikaze and even though he seems to claim to have buried the hatchet, I still have the feeling that he has something to do with what is now going on, but I will go back to that part.

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The most cliché and “important” event that occurred this episode to me was definitively the romance and its development. There was a bit of a harem feel to the episode, with now 3 girls (or rather 2 girls and 1 undefined human) running around for Tanikaze. I can’t say I really liked the harem feeling to this serious science-fiction anime, but I was pleased to see the reason for the overly obvious romance going on. It seems that going into a date with a girl inside the submarine thingy is a sure way to have them die on the very next mission. As soon as I saw Tanikaze and Hoshijiro get close to one another I was already seeing them making the same mistake as the pilot before them. Love has no place on the battlefield as it only goes to ruin your judgement and make really bad decisions. It really didn’t take long either to have some confirmation of that sentiment seeing that moments later we saw Tanikaze wake up in a hospital room, without memories, and suddenly he is criticized by everyone in Sidonia and his new girlfriend died.

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How sudden? In a single episode, Tanikaze went from being the hero of Sidonia to a huge loser who is blamed for the one Gauna who went away. Not only that, but we already had his first love interest which he saved last episode die. Yet we have no clue what actually happened and what lead to this sudden blame. What we do know is that Tanikaze had romantic feelings which might have lead to bad judgement call, but also that Kunato looked really sure of himself and I wouldn’t be surprised if he had something to do in the blame going straight to Tanikaze while he takes the fame. Everything looks quite suspicious there and I just can’t wait to watch next episode to get a bit more of what happened and really understand where the fault lies.

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