Sidonia no Kishi episode 7: Bullied

Sidonia no Kishi Bullied

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We got to know how everything went to shit for the last mission. I am not even surprised in the slightest to see Kunato had a big part in that fuck up. That guy really looked like an asshole through and through, he puts into jeopardy the whole city he lives in and everyone he knows only for the sake of undermining someone who is more succesful. It is one thing to strive for power, it goes into whole different levels when you are trying to bring down everyone around you just for your sake. I wish I could call this character personality bullshit, but I am aware that some human being are indeed as shitty as he is, makes me sad and lose faith in humanity.

Sidonia no Kishi asshole

Even worse is the way that Tanikaze was bullied after the mission, not only by the mass of people, not only by his colleagues, but by just about everyone in Sidonia. He was put into a pedestal and Kunato used this occasion to make him fall…and he fell from pretty high, the landing wasn’t pretty. I am still really please by the character. He is obviously emotionally in shock, he is also in enormous pain and feeling so much guilt for what happened…yet he continues on fighting, hated by everyone.

Sidonia no Kishi Super bear

Away from our main character now, I want to talk about Hiyama Lala, A.K.A the Bear Cleaning Lady. I was always a bit perplex and confused as why there would be a bear in this show, among all those humans and this sci-fi. Why is there a giant bear and why does everyone act so casually when seeing it for the first time? It seems obvious that no “bear people” exists, she is most likely the result of severe genetic or at the very least biological manipulations. She sounds human enough and I would expect her to be one in the past when she was an Ace pilot fighting Gauna. Now somehow, she has become a giant bear, with a metal claw hand and she simply enjoy her life as an Innkeeper. I really hope we’ll get some more backstory on this because it is really confusing. That bear is pushy and I wouldn’t want to be the one that makes her angry.

Sidonia no Kishi Pushy bear

Last but not least, I just got to talk a little about the planet destroying weapon on-board Sidonia and what this represents in term of fight against the Gauna. It was already known that the Gauna could only be killed by destroying their core with particular weapons made into Lances. It was already said how difficult they were to kill, but it all came much more into perspective this episode. Aboard a single ship was a weapon powerful enough to destroy an entire Gas Giant, something hundreds of time the size of the earth. We call nuclear weapon the bane of the human race now that we have weapon powerful enough to wipe ourselves out…this is nothing compared to something capable of wiping the actual planet a hundred times over. I think I would freak out on a daily basis to live knowing that such weapon are where I live. I’m sure that they have very tight security and that those cannot just explode out of nowhere, but it remains an awfully frightening thought nonetheless. It also goes to show just how complicated and scary the Gauna are, when you are able to destroy a planet and still not even scratch them in the slightest.

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