Sidonia no Kishi episode 8: Past Immortal Heroes

Sidonia no Kishi lone fighter

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We finally got it, we had the great flashback to reveal a lot of the past and how things got to where they are. I feel like this episode was filled with so much information that I don’t even know where to begin with it all ! We got a look at the past and to so many interesting technologies of Sidonia and the evolution of a Gauna.

Sidonia no Kishi old man

First let me go into everything we learned about Sidonia itself. I was always mesmerized by the technology and sci-fi element of the show, so it really comes to no surprise that the technology and way they achieve immortality is something that caught my attention and interest. It is not a completely new concept, it has been done before in other sci-fi, but it remains something interesting to have a person transfer his or her brain into the body of a clone which will take their place as a new vessel for their mind. The body gets older and slowly gets worse and worse, while brain can be preserved and transfer to a new body, like a man changes car every few years. This technique explain so many things on Sidonia. It explains how people gets to be immortal, it also explains why there are clones of everyone running around. With such advanced genetic technology, it makes the concept of “children” something completely foreign and irrelevant. From an evolutionary stand point it poses some very interesting questions, but I won’t go to far into that since it could be a 3 part post in and of itself.

Sidonia no Kishi creation of a boy

What was most relevant with that new information was definitively the implication it had in the way that Tanikaze stand out from everyone else. Even though he was essentially a clone just like everyone, he did not inherit the brain of the immortal and instead only got the knowledge and training through learning process, like any normal human being in this world. Tanikaze is of a superior race, he is hated by the council of immortals, but he remains one of the founding hero of Sidonia, the man who defeated the first Gauna. It now helps to understand the complex politic on Sidonia, how things work and who calls the shots. I still have yet to understand why Lala is a bear though.

Sidonia no Kishi newly born

Now, other interesting thing this episode, we got Kunato who lost his mind out of guilt. After all he was the one really responsible for the death of Hoshijiro and now that he has to face a replica of her in battle it seems to simply drive him crazy. I guess the guy was all talk and now he starts to coward in fear in front of what he has done. Even more interesting than his reaction to the sight of Hoshijiro though is the fact that the Gauna didn’t seem to have simply “modified” themselves to look like her, but instead they actually made her 3 times. From what we saw from the placenta recuperated, Hoshijiro’s body is beginning to be reborn slowly. Her head obviously isn’t all there, but it remains an undeniable fact that there seems to be a whole lot more about those Gauna than meet the eyes. We still lives in ignorance of the rules and technology of Sidonia and at the same time we get to understand more about the Gauna, this show certainly knows how to keep our brain occupied.

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