Sidonia no Kishi episode 9: Alien Memories of a Lover

Sidonia no Kishi hoshijiro

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A lot of time has passed in this episode of Sidonia no Kishi. We had a lot of fast forward where Tanikaze was able to completely erase all his shame among the populace. He once again became the Hero of Sidonia, the one who defeats the Gauna time after time without fault. The guy is now the squad leader and the center of attention for the whole ship. Must be great to finally be given the recognition he always deserved.

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In contrast to Tanikaze rise to power, Kurano has fallen so much in the last few episodes. After his betrayal to try to rise to power he was simply never the same. He is tormented by the late Hoshijiro, he simply cannot forget what he has done to her. He became a murderer for the sake of ambition and he simply couldn’t live with the guilt. He had to resign from being a pilot and retreat to his mansion. I don’t really know what kind of mental health support is available on Sidonia, but he would definitively need some. I hate how much of a jerk the guy was, but no one deserve to deal with this kind of mental angst alone.

Sidonia no Kishi look of guilt

While all this is happening, Tanikaze seems to be falling in love with the placenta of a Gauna. It was rather clear that he was attached to Hoshijiro, it was probably made even worse by her sudden death which left him unable to conclude anything. It is always worse to forget about someone or something when we have regret about it. For the same reason that Kurano is mentally scared and has trouble sleeping at night, Tanikaze longs for a love that was never allowed to be. It is so much easier to fall in love with the memory of someone than the real person, the memory of the person is always perfect.

In the case of Tanikaze though, this love is getting rather problematic. It is one thing to fall in love with the memory of someone, it is something else when that memory became a killer alien. Tanikaze has become obsessed with it, even though his relationship his more something of a father teaching a little girl to walk, he still spend most of his time with her. Right now it feels rather obvious that Tanikaze will either change side and try to understand the Gauna and “help” them OR he might fall in love with a real human instead. The guy has about 3 girls running after him at any moment, you figure one of those girl could just sleep with him to change him mind a bit. Just give him a little sexy time and I am certain he will reconsider his love interest…unless he is somehow REALLY into tentacle rape.

Sidonia no Kishi walking and learning

Speaking of tentacle monster, it is kind of neat to see the placenta of the Gauna evolve like this and learn how to mimic humans. It was even more interesting though to realize that the Gauna were in fact fixated on the Kabizashi. It seems as though the theory that the Gauna only attacked them because they have the weapons might be a possibility. Although I still have some doubts about this theory considering that the war with the Gauna began a long time before humanity had any means of fighting them. I still have trouble understanding the Gauna and their true intention, but I guess that is the point of the show to begin with.

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