SoniAni – Super Sonico the Animation episode 1 [First Impression]: KILL ME

SoniAni I hate her

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DISCLAIMER: I absolutely hate musicals and therefore this review doesn’t reflect in the least the quality of the show and the following rant might be really uncalled for if you are a fan of this genre. I apologize for my lack of empathy.

This show is filled with way too much happiness, it is unbearable how everyone just keeps on smiling all the time and live life so calm and relaxed, it pisses me off. It makes me want to get into this world and kill their entire family in front of their eye before shitting on the remains, just to make sure they could finally stop laughing and being so retarded for a minute and they could talk and do stuff that matters for once. People keep complaining that violent video game and movies are responsible for violence among youngsters. They have it all wrong. After watching SoniAni I have some violent impulse that compels me to destroy the cutest thing I can find and make them suffer. I can guarantee you that watching more than 3 episodes of this and I’d turn into a serial killer more twisted than anyone would dare explain. I’d rip the head off smiling baby and make their crying mother eat the remains of a baby panda I clubbed to death. Needless to say, I never finished the episode of SoniAni, I just cannot possibly watch this kind of show for too long before I end up at the front page of the national newspaper.

My feelings for the show aside, the show itself has little story and the character design is completely awful. For a show which tries to pull on the sex appeal of its main character I was completely disgusted at how disproportionate the character was. Her butt is so gigantic I feel like she’s changing into a whale each times she turns around, I understand that anime loves to overemphasize on the sexual attributes of woman, but I think the point is for them to be attractive, not so huge that they become hideous ! Just in case it wasn’t clear, I won’t watch this show, recommend this show or blog this show. I haven’t even finished the first episode and I was close to puking over dead baby seal, this is just too much for me.

ZeroGhj signing off

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