Sora no Method episode 1 [First Impression]: Noel X Nonoka

Sora no Method Nonoka X Noel

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 I think the anime industry has a universal free cricket soundtrack that they use in every single anime imaginable. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a single cricket in an anime which sounded even ever so slightly different from the one in this show. Now you might say “but this has no importance in this first impression what so ever” and here is where I say that it probably doesn’t, but about half the background noise in this show are crickets, so it was difficult not to make at least a small comment about the matter.

Sora no Method snow

This might have been a bit off-center to start talking about Sora no Method, but the show is such a slow paced anime, and worse of all it is a slice of life about a little girl coming back to the village she grew up in after a couple years. She has to learn once again about her past and everyone she knew there. She has to recreate the friendship she once had and struggle with her past. I’m sure there are people out there who would be interested in the soft and poignant story of this little girl, I’m sure there are people who would love to follow Noel and Nonoka in their adventure and quest for happiness and self discovery. I am not one of them. I never cared for those kind of slice of life, this anime did not change my mind. It is too childish, too calm, too happy and simple, I just cannot watch something like that as it just makes me frustrated. I started watching anime because I wanted to watch stories that were more imaginative, brutal and chaotic than what north american television could provide, so having a show about little girls living their daily lives (even if wishes are involved) is terribly unappealing to me.

Sora no Method broken memories of mother

If you like cute and emotional slice of life stories about friendships, this show is probably perfect for you and you will love it. In my case, I won’t even remember the name of Sora no Method in a week time, it is already starting to vanish from my memories.

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