Space Dandy episode 1 [First Impression]: This humour is beyond my understanding

Space Dandy space dandy

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I understand that this show is a comedy, I knew coming in that it would be a show a bit on the absurd side that would be all about silly scenario and some fake story to make the show go along, but I must admit that even knowing all of this I just couldn’t understand the humour of the show one bit. The kind of jokes and humour reminds me greatly of Gintama, yet another popular show I simply never understood. I am certain that many people will watch Space Dandy and fall in love with its humour, but for me I just don’t understand what the show was all about one bit, I didn’t laugh once, didn’t understood what was going on, I just don’t seem to have what is needed to understand that kind of comedy.

I’m pretty sure there will be some half-assed story in the show, but there is just nothing in what I saw that I even remotely understood or enjoyed, I think it might be necessary to be completely stoned to enjoy this humour or something. If you somehow understand this humour I would love to have an explanation as to why this is enjoyable or why some people can laugh at it, but I guess comedy is something difficult to put into words. It should come to no surprise that I won’t be blogging this show, not will I watch it, I had such a hard time going through the first episode I think I’d go insane if I had to watch Space Dandy on a weekly basis.

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