Spring 2015 New Anime

Spring is here and this means a new plethora of great anime coming to us with it. Spring is one of the best season for anime and therefore you can expect some great content to come in the coming months.


This spring is a fiesta for second season. There are second season left and right and as such two of the shows we will be covering this season are second and third season of show we previously covered. All new original are very interesting too, so I recommend you check them out.

We gave a review of every first episode of every new shows that began airing this season and you can view our first impressions here.

You can check on our weekly coverage of the best anime of the season by clicking the thumbnails below, the list is subject to change in the coming weeks:

Ore Monogatari!!Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade WorksHigh School DxD borNPlastic MemoriesOwari no Seraph

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