Spring 2014 Top 5 Anime Ending Theme

We are nearing the end of the season *coughcough* it’s over and it is time to look at the best Anime Ending there were for the last 3 months. Join us into our Top 5 Anime Ending Theme for the Spring 2014 season. While most of the endings were rather ordinary, there were still enough good ones to fill up properly our Top 5 list and have interesting competitors. Without further ado, let us delve into this Top 5 and see the best the Japanese anime industry had to offer this season!


Number 5: Captain Earth – Amethyst by HANA Star Ai

We begin our Top 5 with Captain Earth’s Ending, featuring a calm ending with a lot of colour and friendship. The ending doesn’t have any element in particular that pushed it into this top 5, but the combination of its music and fluid animation that plays into a story made this ending an interesting contender. I always love when an ending is more than scrolling text on a background and instead helps to convey the story of the anime or expand on it.

This ending didn’t have any pretty backgrounds, but it did have pretty effects and interesting ways to present the relationship between the characters. I especially loved the very beginning and how a simple droplet of water turned into a little girl; the many state transitions in that ending were somehow very mesmerizing to me. Having said that, it was not the best ending of the season, because the best are still yet to come in this Top 5.


Number 4: Kamigami no Asobi – Reason For… by the Voice Actors

What better way to show off a reverse harem than having all the guys from the cast sing together for the ending? Of course it is not as melodious as a real singer and it sounds a bit off depending on the skills of each voice actor, but it remains a solid performance that makes you really appreciate the characters more.

This ending also features some decent looking movement and animation, which is rare for endings usually. Despite having the lips completely out of sync some times, this ending somehow still looks a lot better than a lot of others out there. I would definitively not call this one a masterpiece, but it somehow made it this far up our list by looking and sounding better than all the other competitors.


Number 3: Blade and Soul – RAINBOW by LEGO BIG MORL

A simple look at our number 3 will mesmerize you. This ending is so fluid and colourful, there is something simply hypnotizing about it and the way the circular motion flows in front of your eyes. This ending somehow makes me think of the old screen savers back in the day; there was something simply magical with those, and we can see the same thing happening with this ending.

The song Rainbow accompanying the visuals helps improve that calm and mesmerizing feeling with its calm and rhythmic vibes. Everything in this ending is done perfectly to make you slowly drift away in thoughts…but then comes the animation flaws which break the perfection. Despite everything I said so far, the girl in the ending looks really stiff and her triangular-and-constantly-bouncing breasts don’t make her look any more real. If it weren’t for her completely robotic and somehow alien performance, this ending might have ranked higher, but it remains a really good one to listen to and watch.


Number 2 : No Game No Life – Oración by Ai Kayano

We are already to our second place in this Top 5 and this time we are going with a more well known show, No Game No Life. What really made this ending, and what allowed it to be so great, was its story telling and the emotion that went into that ending. Most endings are just a disjoint presentation of the characters with little involvement, but No Game No Life‘s ending tells the story of its characters and is able to convey the emotional attachment between them. It is one thing to have an ending with great music and beautiful effects, but delivering a message is what sets the standard between a good and a great ending.

Aside from the message, the way it is presented also happens to be both interesting and artistic in this case. Having a succession of pictures, each one representing a memory of a distant past, and putting them together to form a story is an interesting concept. From there as the memories become more vivid and lively you slowly add in the colour to your world until you get a fantastic piece of work. This ending was definitively worthy of its spot and I even wish it could have reached even higher in our Top 5, but unfortunately a great competitor appeared and took first place instead.


Number 1: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders – Walk Like an Egyptian by The Bangles


(The audio was modified because of copyright issues)


And yes, once again, year after year, Jojo makes its way into the first position of our Top 5. The ending this time around is just way beyond anything else that you could see anywhere else. This ending is good enough to make it into the top 5 of our Opening, and it is on a whole different level than anything else we’ve seen so far in this Top 5.

Even using a completely silly song and having the most absurd of settings, this enging still managed to look prettier and more well made than any of its competitor. Time and time again, Jojo has made it all the way up our list and given us a whole new standard of quality to expect. I have nothing more to add than to say that they just achieve near perfection every time without fault. Congratulations on our winner and for this splendid ending. It is definitively a deserved success.


Honourable Mention

This didn’t make it into our list because it was too different for an ending, but it is the very reason why I loved it so much. Hero bank‘s ending was so interesting, original and clever idea for a kid show that talk so much about money and its power. It was really interesting to have them display different daily life item and how much they cost. From a concept point of view, this ending won my heart; unfortunately, it wasn’t impressive in terms of presentation or from an artistic point of view, hence why it is simply featured as an honourable mention.


Hero bank – Sayonara, Mataitsuka by meg

This concludes our Top 5! Enjoyed it? Didn’t agree? Let us know in comments below, and we’ll be sure to reply. 
P.S.: If any one of these videos doesn’t work, please notify us and we will re-upload them as fast as possible. 

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