What’s up since we started ?

It hasn’t been a week yet since we started, but we already have the post out and rolling. Let’s do a little review of what we have for now.

First off, we have our new banner and it is much more shiny than the paint version that we had before (which was made in half a minute). Now that you can stare at something a little less ugly, it might be more enjoyable to browse the website since it looks a lot less sketchy.

Besides that, our authors have all introduced themselves and you can find those introduction post in the “About Us” section, under “Authors”. Now let us move on to the main dish.


Last week, Myst gave us her little rant about Real anime lovers and those who pretend to be. Go give it a look and give your opinion on it: what do you think a real anime lover is?

Other than that, we’ve had 2 episodic reviews of this season’s anime, you can check them out here:

Kokoro Connect episode 12: Past Love and Trauma

Sword Art Online episode 12: Take your Child to Work Day



Unfortunately we have not yet done anything for this section of the website, it might take a couple more weeks before you see the first post here.



Our technology section has started and it is going strong; go check Niwatix’s posts of the last few days.

iPhone 5 rumble, Apple fans line up and camp overnight

Facebook is now tracking what searches you’ve made

Facebook strikes again… or not

Java vulnerability

Not so bad for the opening week right? Be sure to stay tuned in the future as we get our stuff going. You can expect regular posts in the technology section, and starting next week the fall anime season will begin and you can expect a lot of first impressions to come out.

ZeroG signing off

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2 Responses to What’s up since we started ?

  1. Anon1733 says:

    cant find you on goooooooogle :/

    • Zeroghj says:

      It is only a question of time, but with the right search term you can find us. The sitemap is made and the crawler should already be on it, but since the website is so recent we have to give them some time before we appear on the top result.

      Another factor that doesn’t help is that we still don’t have much new content, but this will change in the coming weeks.
      (Our SEO is not perfect yet either, but we are working on it too)

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