Steins; Gates episode 11: SERN is watching you


The team is now working on the next step of their project, they are to send memories back to the past. Makise will need some equipment to be able to appropriately upgrade the machine, so Okabe and Mayuri are going shopping for the missing parts.



Things are getting even more intense as time passes by. Okabe is in for some serious trouble. Their technology is getting more powerful by the minute. While it took many years of work for SERN to develop a, somewhat working, time travel device, Okabe and his team were able to make one out of pure luck and in less than a couple of month they  are now able to send memories back to the past. Now for some reason SERN is directly connected to their lab. I have no idea what the hell is going on anymore, I love it.


From my understanding, the part timer knows that Makise works or will work for SERN. Is this true? time has changed so often and who can we believe? This show is slowly feeling more and more like a big conspiracy theory. Someone is watching and threatening Okabe, but who is it? is it someone from SERN? isn’t someone from the future? someone else completely unrelated?


It is hard to know what to believe anymore. The only point of view we can be sure of is Okabe’s. But Okabe is slightly deranged and could easily see something wrong. Meanwhile we have many characters that all seems so innocent but all seems to be some kind of evil creatures. Makise is a spy? the part timer is a terminator-kind-of-person? Daru isn’t fat? What are the truth and what are the lies.


One thing is certain, the scene where Okabe runs to find Mayuri, that scene was so extraordinarily well done, I felt my heart racing even if I already foresaw the result of that run. By the art you could feel the sudden sense of desperation in that ordinarily care-free character. This was interesting because I believe Okabe will be more and more in distress the more time goes by. Something weird is going on, and the mad genius will go from mad to insane in a blink of an eye if things are to stay like that.


We are not midway into this show and the main character is already ready to collapse. Okabe only wish was to have fun with his friends in a lab, but now he is into science way over his head. The future of mankind is resting on his shoulder, that man who was barely able to take care of himself to begin with.

Now at the end they were connected to SERN directly, what could have happened? Has SERN found out about them? or is it simply by time manipulation that they have breached their security somewhat? what the hell is going on !


You got to be glad when you expect something horrible and instead you see two naked girl taking a bath

Now as a side note, I just love how Makise is such a big 2channer. I love how Okabe starts with “All your base…” and Makise to finish it instantly with  “…belong to us” but it still takes her about 5 seconds to realize someone is there. But I do feel ashamed that I understood all the reference in their conversation.



I have no clue what is going on anymore, and this makes this story so much more interesting, at this point anything could happen. Stuff could all go really wrong, we have stalkers, time machine and romance all twirling together and become this insane action packed adventure. I NEED MORE !


ZeroG signing off.

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