Steins;Gate Episode 1: [First Impression]

A mad fail scientist who calls himself Kyoma is the victim of strange chain of event in the dark grim world he lives in. While attending to a science convention a famous scientific ask him why he warned her earlier of something, Kyoma never spoke to the girl before and therefore had no clue what she was talking about. Only minutes after their contact, Kyoma found the girl stabbed and lying dead on the floor, this must have been the warning he gave her, without him even remembering it.

But time looks nonlinear in his life. Quickly later on, he remembered what happened to the girl before the event even occurred and he meets with the girl once again, some days before she died in his memory original timeline…confusing you say? Interesting I answer!

Zero’s First Impression:

This show looks most interesting. Here is what I get from this first episode I just witnessed, you have this mad scientist who looks crazier than the guy in Welcome to NHK and weird stuff happens with time and dimension. Now what is there to look forward to really? This episode was confusing as hell, the story going forward and then backward just to be in the middle right after, it is soooo confusing. It requires the watchers to really pay attention to what is going on and keep his mind alert and awake. I love those quick confusing change in timeline.

The show also has this grim, dark theme surrounding it, the colors are always dark and the setting looks dead and void most of the time. Colors are rarely seen, except for the disturbing red blood, illuminating the stillness of this dead world. I think I’m going to like this show.

You know the show will be good when someone dies before you know what the fuck is going on

But beside the confusing timeline and the grim setting, the characters looks quite interesting. The main character being mentally unstable, paranoid and just overall insane, He is an interesting choice for a  main character. He is teamed up by a lazy fat ass of a hacker, a cynical finger worker that couldn’t care less if the whole world was burning around him as long as his HDD is safe with his save games intact. And last but not least, we have a clueless and naïve girl who work beside those two not so trustworthy gentleman. This poor childish girl being with a pervert and a mad scientist, now that is what I call a killer trio…by that I mean someone will die in there at some point, figuratively at least.

I like my scientist just like that

All in all, I absolutely love where this is going, and I ask for more more more !

Possibility of Blogging: Very High

ZeroG signing off

Eva’s First Impression:

I have to say this episode was actually very difficult for me to keep track of what’s going on. While the suspense never ended and kept on building up and just left us on a cliffhanger, it’s done a very good job to keeping my attention and growing facinating by the characters each minute. Also the lighting in this episode went back and forth from being very dark (inside buildings) and extremely bright (outdoors) where the contrast level actually overshadowed alot of the usual colors we’re used to seeing, which I found suitable for setting the intensity of uncertainties and confusion Okabe was facing.

So there’s Okabe who I have to say is a wannabe-mad sciencetist, also the one who is experiencing the mysterious phonemes of time jumps and so on. Then we have Mayuri who likes to make cosplay and proven to be the most ‘innocent’ one of the group (however I do find myself somewhat suspicious of her, I don’t know why though) and Itaru who is their hacker and is lazy as hell. And Makise who was apparently murdered – yet here she is alive (and we don’t know who the culprit is either).

One of the many questions that has been popping up this episode was Okabe talking about some ‘Agency’ trying to interfere or chasing them down. They made it very uncertain about whether he was making it up to create some ‘drama‘ as the ‘mad scientist’ or he was talking for real. By the end of this episode, I think that this agency he’s been going on about is real. I’m also trying to figure out whether it’s his cellphone that is actually the time-machine  – though we are told it’s supposed to be the microwave. Either way, from what we saw today I’m going to have to assume (because I’m that confused myself) the microwave and cellphone are connected one way or another.

I’m uncertain whether I’ll be able to blog this or not just because of the lack on understanding on my part. But I can tell you right now that I’ll be watching this show since I am interested in seeing where it’s going to take us.

Possibility of Blogging: Uncertain

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