Strike the Blood episode 1 [First Impression]: the 4th Progenitor

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I was expecting this show to be complete shit and generic from what I read from the description and the different genre. Turns out this might actually be much better than what I expected. Strike the Blood is a definite Shounen and of course it will follow a line similar to the genre, but I still have faith that it might be of good quality with interesting character and development. I have a feeling that the story and character might actually pull this show to stand above the rest.

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We already have a main character that is super powerful and yet doesn’t wish to use those powers yet and he is already hunted for what he represent in term of threat. Now we have everything we need to make a story where the main character slowly develop a purpose and a reason d’être while developing his power and showing everything he is capable of. I think this show might actually give us a good show worth watching this season. It obviously won’t be revolutionary or destroy your mind with awesomeness, but it definitively seems like it could be quite enjoyable as a late friday watch.

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The ecchi isn’t too overwhelming and doesn’t stop the story, the fantasy isn’t too out of this world that the characters are unrelatable and the character themselves are pretty down to earth and easy to understand even if they have unrivaled powers. I think that Strike the Blood will be a decent show this Fall season.

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I’d recommend this show for shounen enthusiast. It seems to be going in the right direction for that. I will myself watch it and I’ll probably blog it for a bit or completely if it stays interesting. I think this show has some potential to bring great things to our screen. It is serious enough not to be too naïve, it is sexy enough to make things interesting in an ecchi way and the settings seems well though out too. I will start blogging it more seriously starting next week, but for now it seems that as expected, the fall season is bringing a lot of nice show and every one of them looks interesting in their own unique ways.

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