Strike the Blood episode 10: Desert Island

Strike the Blood desert island

I must admit I am rather confused as to what the story is right now for this arc. We got angels running around and killing each other, we have about 5 character with blue eyes and white hair that I’m hardly able to differentiate and about 15 different organization involved in some mystery that I don’t even understand what is so mysterious to begin with. We have angels fighting one another with divine power in the street, and last episode it was made clear that Kojou shouldn’t be involved in all this so he was sent directly in the middle of combat.

Strike the Blood angels loves flesh

I feel like I either haven’t paid enough attention to last week episode or the show just goes too fast with the important stuff which makes it really difficult to understand the situation. The universe of Strike the Blood sounds really complex, but yet we barely got any real introduction to any of it. I feel like the show really failed there at making the necessary link between everything and at exposing what the world is all about. I understand the powers, I understand the harem, but that is about everything I still really understand in the show. There are multiple organization with power and influence but at this point they have really confused me as to their role and objectives. Right now we have a princess, a killer and some other organization and everything is probably going to go together to form this arc, the good guys and the bad guys, but right now I’m still uncertain as to why the Fourth Progenitor has to be involved in all this as the only problem seems to be that a serial killer is on the loose and nothing else.

Strike the Blood naked angel

I’m also not a fan of the desert island scenario, I find it rather lame and it cut off social interactions that could have been interesting otherwise, but it does lead to some ecchi scenes so I guess I can forgive the show for going there. Still, I hope they don’t get stuck on that island for too long, I’m actually looking forward to the time where everything will be revealed for once, not just story wise, but also a point where all the characters will be aware of the identity of the fourth progenitor and that Kojou will finally stop being a little girl and start taking his role as one of the 4 great power on this earth. Strike the Blood has been confirmed to be 24 episodes total, so we have 3 more arc after this one, I believe it is more than enough to make some real progress story wise if they don’t waste too much time with pity plot points.

Strike the Blood harem

I know that I’m talking a lot of smack about Strike the Blood, but it remains a really entertaining show. There are many problems with it, but it is one of those shows that if you turn your brain off you can easily enjoy it and have fun with it every week, for me the fun lies in underlying everything wrong with the show.

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