Strike the Blood episode 11: The Princess of Wherever.

Strike the Blood Princess

This episode of Strike the Blood was good, but I have some major complain that keep recurring for the show: They should really explain the universe in more details and better explain the world it takes place because if they keep building up the story as they are currently doing they will very quickly make me believe that they just pull every arc out of their ass every single time. The first arc I didn’t mind not understanding the background of the enemy and not having a perfect grasp of the characters, but now we are near the end of the 3rd arc and every single new enemy just seem to come out of nowhere, with power never seen before and never explained ever. It is possible for people to discover some new power over time, or for some old relic of the past to show up eventually, but at this point in time I don’t even understand the situation in any of the other countries either. We have a princess that comes from who knows where, last time around we had terrorist that came from somewhere in Europe that were freedom fighter against something I don’t understand and we just don’t understand shit about the Strike the Blood universe but it is referenced every time everywhere.

Strike the Blood angel

Past this huge problem, this episode was actually pretty cool because there was lot of combat and naked girl in it, and I believe this show is all about the ecchi harem and action. It does those genre well and I think it should just stick to it instead of trying to incorporate a rushed story inside all of this. The characters are all fine, so is the fantasy element, so don’t bother incorporating business and country affairs in this because unfortunately, either you don’t care enough to explain it so it makes sense or you just don’t understand what context is supposed to mean. In this episode we met a princess and some random mercenary who worked for some bankrupt evil corporation. Those antagonist could have been made so much better and realistic but once again they all felt really flat to me and I’m only interested in seeing how the protagonist will get stronger and I don’t expect one bit that anything will ever happen to him.

Strike the Blood dead or alive

I don’t believe one sec that the guy can be really dead. I mean, I know it is obviously since he is the main character and there are still over 12 episodes left, but I just don’t understand why they would end on something so “dramatic” when there is really no suspense as to what the outcome will be. I’d really have to read the manga to see if this mess is because of the director or the author. Either way, next episode we conclude this arc and we might have some really cheesy friendship stuff going on, we’ll have to see.

ZeroGhj signing off

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