Strike the Blood episode 12: Dying for an Angel

Strike the Blood bad angel

Well, I’ve finally come to the conclusion and accepted that Strike the Blood is just filled with stuff that is never meant to be thought of. He had to take the blood from two different person to awaken a familiar because the familiar had two head? Yeah sure, I mean, it totally makes sense right? Don’t worry about how much this answer smells like bullshit from miles away. I mean they shouldn’t even have bothered trying to explain it if the answer was to be so lame. I feel like a lot of thing in Strike the Blood should be left unexplained in the future, I’d rather just enjoy the harem, the ecchi and the action and stop bothering about the actual world all-together. What started as an impressive world filled with amazing lore and history only turned out to be a facade after all.

Strike the Blood defeated

I have some real trouble to keep heavy interest into this show because of how shallow it starts to be, but it remains a shounen and I still really want to see how the world will go to shit once everyone learn of the existence of the fourth progenitor. I mean already it feels rather weird that while no one should know about him EVERYONE seems to know he exists now. At what point during the show will everything explode now? It seems that everyone was aware there was a fourth progenitor before the fourth progenitor was even aware of himself, so why is the world still working right and that the next world war as yet to begin?

Strike the Blood blood feeding

We are at the halfway point of Strike the Blood already, 3 arc have gone by and there are only 3 more to go. If there is to be some important event to happen in the story this would definitively be the right time to get them started because I’m starting to lose a lot of interest for the show and we are just halfway till the end. If they can’t manage to keep me in despite having sexual innuendo every 5 minutes, it means that they are doing their show really wrong. A new season is on its way, if Strike the Blood doesn’t manage to pull itself together my interest will switch to anything new and shiny that comes my way.

This arc proved to be completely pointless in my eyes, I really feel that nothing was gained or loss, we didn’t learn anything new, only new thing that happen is the addition of another girl in the harem and another familiar in the inventory, but anything else seemed completely rubbish to me. This next arc will be what decides the fate of this show for me, last chance for redemption

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