Strike the Blood episode 13: In the body of a girl

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We are now at the 4th arc of Strike the Blood and this is the time for the show to prove itself to me and change direction to something a bit less repetitive and ridiculous. This arc is starting fairly well with the implication of more magic and witches, the villain are well established and while their motives are still unknown, there is still hope that this time around things can turn for the better rather than the worse.

The one thing that is starting to bother me quite a bit though is the size of the Harem around Kojou. If things continues this way the show will have to move the characters in city-bus so that all the girl travel together, we might see Strike the Blood turn to 4K resolution so it can fit all its harem into a single frame. With every new arc there is about 2 new girl who wants to get into Kojou’s pants somehow it is already getting to quite the ridiculous point. I’m a guy, I perfectly understand the interest in harem and having a ton of pretty girl walking around. It does provide a lot more occasion for ecchi scenario, but at a certain point you have to introduce some guys too or just stop introducing characters or things just get way too ridiculous romance and harem-wise.

Strike the Blood homeroom teacher

This time around Yuuma is the new girl introduced, a childhood friend of Kojou who obviously happens to be a vampire of some sort, she seems to have a keen nose and a tendency to suck blood and steal souls by kissing people. I’m really uncertain what that girl is all about and what she will bring in the plot, but if there is one thing that is certain is that now the ecchi possibilities are through the roof. This must be every guy fantasy to be able for a short time to experience the body of a girl, walk around as one and use it to peep and “explore yourself”. I could make an entire ecchi show based just around that power, so my perverted side definitively has taken interest in this arc a bit because of this new-found power. Having said that, I’m still definitively not convinced that anything will change with this new set of 4 episodes, I have high doubts that things will start going into a more serious and plot-focus story, but I will still try to cover Strike the Blood for a bit more in case they manage to prove me wrong somehow.

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