Strike the Blood episode 14: End of Coverage

Strike the Blood ready to battle

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Strike the Blood has a new Opening and it is so…ordinary. I can’t say there is anything specifically wrong with it at first sight, but I really didn’t get any strong feeling from that opening, it felt rather flat. The animation was rather interesting, but I feel like the music and visuals were not quite in sync and didn’t felt like they belonged together. Either way this opening comes just at the right time, because this will be my last Strike the Blood review.

Strike the Blood sister witch

This arc is once again a huge arc filled with no depth what so ever. There are story elements that just comes out of nowhere with no background what so ever and you have to accept them and go on with the story. It is getting really annoying and I have simply lost any faith and hope for Strike the Blood, the show ends here for me. This arc will end, 2 more will come with premises similar to those we already saw and everything will end with no progress made what so ever except for the humongous harem that will have formed around the 4th Progenitor.

Strike the Blood lightly dressed

Even with the new premise of having Kojou in the body of a girl the show didn’t manage to put something even somewhat interesting in term of ecchi. I mean if you go to the trouble of having the main character switch body with a smoking hot girl you could at least make sure there are some ecchi scene in the episode, something a bit more interesting then having them walk through a girl changing room. I feel like I gave Strike the Blood enough chances already and that it never manages to get better even after so many episode. Strike the Blood started with great premise but it felt flat really quickly and I am now at a point where I regret ever giving this show a try. After the first 2 episodes the show just started to go downhill and it has yet to stop, so this is where I am stopping.

Strike the Blood naked awakening

I’d give this show a 6 out of 10 in term of rating, even though it is yet to be over. The show start strong but end up so repetitive that even if it was only 12 episode it would have been too long. The character design were boring, the universe was unrefined and the harem and action were not handled well enough to my liking. Strike the Blood remained entertaining…to a degree, but it failed to meet basic expectations and this is why it is dropped before it could even end.

ZeroGhj signing off.

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