Strike the Blood episode 2: Duty of an offensive mage

Strike the Blood super weapon

Well, I knew Strike the Blood would be a fun show, but I never expected for it to get this intense. Granted the show is rather generic, but it doesn’t matter how generic you are if it is a great shounen. The characters look bad ass, they fight bad ass and they act bad ass, point made.

Strike the Blood no upskirt for you

In a more reasonable explanation, I think there are so many little details that make this show so much better than it looks at first. Just the way Yukina jumps over the railing at the end, you can see all her training into action. How she timed her jump perfectly with the train, how her movement was in perfect control of her strength and how she was able to make the movement without having any upskirt all the way around. She was trained since a young age to be an offensive mage and it shows. She must have fought in school uniform a lot in the past because she definitively knew what she was doing.  It was also impressive to see her actually fight of course, but I think it is really when she did this fluid movement over the railing that I was the most impressed of her skill.

Strike the Blood super power

Meanwhile we know little to nothing about Kojou and his power as the fourth progenitor, he probably know little to nothing himself, but now he is in definite trouble.  If he ever wanted to live a peaceful life he really should have kept quiet but now he already caught the attention of too many people. There are now 3 witness of how strong and insane he can be and so many people know he is the 4th progenitor already. I have a feeling that his peaceful life is about to end and that although he really wants to do nothing he will be put into situations into which he cannot do any otherwise but get involved with his enormous power. To be honest the thing I am most excited about is the moment when he will finally get to drink some blood. Usually that’s the part where he will actually get strong since after all for now he is just a sad virgin, both vagina and blood-wise.

Strike the Blood English Teacher

The last thing that I’ll talk about this episode is Kojou’s english teacher, that girl is some part of an organization that somehow doesn’t condone the 4th progenitor and yet she still seems to be keeping a watchful eye on the guy. Now why does that girl know he is the 4th progenitor, why is she involved in all this and why is she an english teacher? I just feel like all those questions will have to be answered eventually because for now she seems very mysterious and odd. I have a feeling like she might be much more than what she claims to be, either in a good way or a bad way, but I guess we’ll find out in the future which.

Overall I was really impressed with this episode, I was not expecting the show to get this good this early, so I am really eager to see what else Strike the Blood can surprise me with, I’m looking forward to next episode as it also seems to maybe be the end of a first arc.

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