Strike the Blood episode 3: Getting rid of evidence

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3rd episode and Strike the Blood remains a solid and impressive show, I do not regret choosing it as a blogging candidate one bit. The show is already immersed in the action even though we are only at the third episode and the characters are not completely stupid and shallow because of this quick rush towards action. We are learning about the characters as they move around and fight their way to a better future.

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Having said that there is one thing that really annoys me in the show and it is how careless the characters are when they speak in public. I think throughout the entire show the characters have just been talking about every possible and conceivable secret imaginable in plain sight and in the middle of cafeteria. I’m usually shy of just telling how I feel in public space, yet they don’t care talking about life endangering secrets and other stuff like that. They must have revealed the guys identity as the progenitor and the girl’s identity as a member of the Lion King association about 50 times by now and every time straight in the middle of an hallway or in a mall. I’m rather surprised that the both of them have yet to be found out and executed, I’m pretty sure the whole wide world now knows who the 4th Progenitor is and that he’s got a friendly Lion King’s agent running around with him.

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Not that it matters anymore anyways. Kojou recently lost his head and Yukina seems too busy crying to do anything about it. Now I do know that Kojou is an immortal vampire, but sometimes the term immortal can be used in many misleading ways. Immortal can be used to say that someone will never die of old age, but it can also mean that someone is unable to die no matter the circumstances. The later option would mean that Kojou is still alive (or at the very least not dead) and since we are only at the 3rd episode and he is the main character, this is obviously the case. It is rather obvious that Strike the Blood isn’t the kind of show to actually have their main character die so early on, I believe that instead it is rather easy to predict that next episode will be the time when Kojou will finally lose his virginity and drink the blood of a virgin to become a true Progenitor. In the state he is in it wouldn’t surprise me that some blood sucking be necessary to regain a head on his shoulder. Currently his position is rather unfortunate for someone who is supposed to be one of the strongest on earth, so I’d hope that he either man up a bit or somehow get lucky and regain some honour. There is some limit to be inexperienced and young, the guy now needs to take flight and becomes the super powerful Vampire he is supposed to be.

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