Strike the Blood episode 4: First Blood

Strike the Blood first blood

This episode marks the finale of the Right Hand of the Saint arc. We finally got a pretty good glimpse at the universe and how the story will unfold from now on. I must admit that the show itself seems to have quite the standard path for a shounen, the episode itself was really generic and unoriginal in the way it depicted its action and finale for the arc. It is rather easy to figure out how things will go from now on, we’ll get heavy action in each episode with Kojou slowly master his power and skills, we will have a harem form around him and slowly some more characters will be made aware of his particular situation and there will be constant sex reference in the show.

Strike the Blood do me

Speaking of those sexual innuendos, I find it really entertaining to watch the show and the non-subtle at all sexual reference whenever sucking blood is involved. Just in general the vampire genre is used as a overly sexualized monster fantasy, but this show takes it to a whole new level of obvious. In general the innuendo is there just to creep into your subconscious, but in the case of Strike the Blood we talk about virgin vampire, offering her body and becoming a fluffer. I mean in the final scene the description that was given to know if she was transformed into a vampire or not was so identical to having sex that it made more sense that they were speaking about actual sex than being transformed into a vampire. Let us be honest here, how in the hell “it was a good time for me” can be incorporated in the fact that you didn’t transform into a vampire? Does women menstrual cycle affect the chances of transforming somehow? Just how random and difficult is it to transform someone in a vampire anyway. In most supernatural fantasy like this one vampire makes slave with a single bite and nearly instantaneously, but in the case of Strike the Blood there is somehow a lot of things that comes into a account where vampiric transformation is involved.

Strike the Blood familiar

Now into the story itself, while most of the episode was mostly epic fighting and sexual innuendo about drinking blood, we actually got a lot of plot points revealed near the end. We now know that there is a lot of conspiracy going on around Kojou and that everything that is happening to him lately isn’t just coincidence and pure luck but that instead he is being completely setup by some kind of organization. We have little knowledge to what that organization could be all about, but I’m sure that they are now setting him up to be the fourth progenitor just to make a great documentary about him. Just by the way that they were actively giving him a powerful mate as offering is proof enough that they have bigger motive in mind. Those motives could be easy enough to figure out too, a 4th Progenitor would upset the balance of power in the world and it could definitively lead to war and conflict in which there is usually a winning side and a losing side. I wouldn’t be surprised if we learned more about this topic in just a really short while, after all the show as already progressed a whole lot since the first episode in term of story. Although to be fair, I’m actually more curious about the harem/ecchi part of the show than the story, but that’s just because I’m a bad person.

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